Lea Michele NOT Binge-Eating, Despite Report

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Lea Michele Binge eating

By Shari Weiss |

Lea Michele Binge eating

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Lea Michele is NOT binge-eating, despite a mean-spirited report that wrongly claims the actress’ health is in jeopardy. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the story.

“Lea’s Breakup Binges,” reads the headline in OK!, which claims Michele has “had a rough year, and it’s showing.” The magazine writes, “Along with revelations about her bratty behavior on ‘Glee’ in Naya Rivera’s memoir, Lea is reeling from breakups with Matthew Paetz in February and Robert Buckley in July.”

A so-called “source” alleges to the tabloid, “She’s been gorging on pasta and baked goods and blowing off her regular workouts.” In fact, the outlet claims Michele has “put on 10 pounds, if not more,” and even calls her “bloated.” The alleged tipster says, “She’s worried that people think she’s difficult; her last two boyfriends told her as much. She also thought she’d be a movie star by now. It’s taken a toll on her self-esteem, and she’s caught in a vicious cycling of binging.”

But as Gossip Cop highlighted, Michele looked anything but “bloated” when she attended Emmys pre-parties last month. And far from eating poorly and abandoning her fitness routine, the actress was recently on the cover of People‘s special wellness magazine, flaunting her trim body and sharing health tips. Gossip Cop also hears that Michele has a stunning Shape cover coming out soon, too.

And that’s not all. Michele has also partnered with the fitness magazine on its upcoming “Body Shop” event, and will be participating in a health-focused Q&A later this month. But OK! didn’t mention any of that in its piece, which is clearly thin on the facts. Not surprisingly, Gossip Cop is exclusively told the tabloid’s binge-eating allegations “aren’t true.”

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Lea Michele is binge-eating.


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