Laverne Cox: It’s “Insane” Caitlyn Jenner Had To Transition With Paparazzi (VIDEO)

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Laverne Cox Caitlyn Jenner Late Late Show

By Minyvonne Burke |

Laverne Cox Caitlyn Jenner Late Late Show


Laverne Cox says she thinks it’s “insane” Caitlyn Jenner is constantly hounded by the paparazzi following her transition from male to female. The “Orange Is The New Black” star, who went through her own transition a number of years ago, told James Corden on Monday’s “Late Late Show” that she couldn’t imagine going through it so publicly. Watch the video below.

“My experience as a black transgender woman who was working-class and struggling to make it in New York City is completely different from Caitlyn’s very public experience. Just thinking about the paparazzi life she has, I don’t want that life,” said Cox. She continued, “There’s no way she could have transitioned privately. And I think she’s doing it very eloquently and very beautifully publicly.”

Cox also noted how in the first episode of Jenner’s upcoming E! docuseries “I Am Cait,” the former Olympian is seen changing cars several times in order to dodge photographers. “[It’s] an insane way to live,” said the actress. As Gossip Cop reported, Cox and Jenner met for the first time on Sunday at a special screening of “I Am Cait.” The two women have been friends for the past several months, but had never before gotten the opportunity to meet in person.

“She’s such a sweet woman,” Cox told Corden, adding, “She loves her family.” Check out the full segment below, and tell us what you think.


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