Lauryn Judd The Voice” Audition Video: Watch “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” Performance

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Lauryn Judd The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Lauryn Judd The Voice Audition Video


Lauryn Judd, just 16, stunned the coaches with “Girls Just Want To Have Fun” during the Blind Auditions on “The Voice” on Tuesday. Check out the video below!

The high school junior from Utah revealed she’s been singing “ever since I could talk.” She’s explored that passion in choir and with a musical theater company. And now her journey led her to the NBC music competition, where she said she would perform a “more mellow and acoustic arrangement” of the Cyndi Lauper hit.

In fact, as she performed and her voice changed registers, Alicia Keys actually thought there was more than one person on stage. She and Gwen Stefani turned around practically at the same time, followed by Blake Shelton. Adam Levine, who didn’t hit his button, even remarked after, “I thought we were going to turn around and you were to be like this big.”

And when Stefani found out Judd’s age, she exclaimed, “What?! You’re 16?! Are you freaking out right now?” Keys copped to being confused, in a good way, by the teen’s vocal changes, saying, “I started hearing a different tone come out of what I thought was one body.” Shelton also said his reaction was, “What in the world?! I gotta push my button.'”

Unfortunately for Stefani and Shelton, Judd ultimately chose Keys to be her coach! Watch below.

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