Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel NOT In Feud Over “Gilmore Girls,” Despite Report

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Lauren Graham Feud Alexis Bledel

By Shari Weiss |

Lauren Graham Feud Alexis Bledel

(Life and Style)

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel were never in feud over “Gilmore Girls,” despite a tabloid cover story about a supposed “rivalry.” Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report.

With the “Gilmore Girls” revival set to premiere on Netflix in just a matter of days, Life & Style decided to try to capitalize on, and exploit, the renewed interest in the show. That’s why this week’s edition blares on the front, “‘Gilmore Girls’ Secrets From The Set.” It further touts, “What The Fans Never Knew.”

And among the teases on the cover is, “Lauren & Alexis’ real-life rivalry.” Inside the issue, a headline declares, “MOM VS. DAUGHTER.” It’s noted that the “bond” between Graham and Bledel’s characters is “what sucked in fans,” but the publication alleges that, “offscreen, there was often a rivalry between them.” A so-called “insider” claims, “Lauren wanted to be the star of the show, and always wanted more lines and more scenes.”

“But Alexis was getting a lot, if not more attention, than her. There were definitely icy moments between them,” says the supposed source. The story goes on to assert Graham “made sure people knew” the show was Bledel’s “first acting job,” and had to “help the young starlet hit her mark.”

The alleged tipster further contends, “Lauren is picky. She and Alexis developed a competitive relationship, especially when it came to getting their dialogue down.” It’s telling, though, that while the rest of this article is filled with happy, on-the-record anecdotes, the claims about Graham and Bledel feuding are all based on one anonymous, and possibly invented, “insider.”

In fact, one might be inclined to think the “rivalry” allegations were made up just to add some drama to an otherwise mundane cover story, particularly since such issues have never been legitimately reported before in all these years. As it turns out, Gossip Cop was right to be suspicious. It’s all a “total lie,” Graham’s rep exclusively tells us.

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Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel have a “Gilmore Girls” rivalry.


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