Lauren Duski, Brennley Brown “The Voice” Battle Video: Watch ‘Better Man’ Performance

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Lauren Duski Brennley Brown The Voice

By Shari Weiss |

Lauren Duski Brennley Brown The Voice


Lauren Duski and Brennley Brown kicked off “The Voice” season 12 Battles on Monday with a steal. Check out the video below!

Duski and Brennley are both on Blake Shelton’s team. The country superstar paired the aspiring stars up for the second phase of the NBC competition, the Battles. The round requires members of the same team to jointly perform, with the coach choosing afterward which of two singers to keep and which to let go.

In this case, Duski and Brennley had to sing “Better Man.” Though recorded by Little Big Town, the song was written by Taylor Swift, who previously served as a key adviser on “The Voice.” Now Shelton had another seasoned country star by his side for help mentoring, Luke Bryan.

Shelton saw both artists as “pop-country,” and wanted to “clear the lane” for one of them to continue in the competition. During rehearsal, he compared Duski’s voice to Trisha Yearwood, but asked her to put more “anger in it.” Bryan was impressed that Brown had the “angst” at only 14 years old. He also compared Duski to Little Big Town’s Karen Fairchild, and thought the two contestants were on an “even playing field.”

Come show time, Duski and Brennley gave an emotional performance of the breakup ballad. “We did it,” they exclaimed afterward. Alicia Keys called the rendition “so beautiful.” Gwen Stefani gave the edge to Brown, saying, “Something about your innocence, I want to work with that.” Adam Levine found it “eerie” how each connected with the track, despite being in such different places in their lives.

“I don’t want to let either one of the two of you go, but I have to,” Shelton acknowledged. Focusing on who he could “envision moving forward with my team,” he named Duski the winner. But as soon as she could, Stefani went for the steal. And then, much to her shock, Levine did, too!

Stefani told her, “Obviously, you’re not going with him… I wanted you from the moment you actually walked out.” With the taping coinciding with Brown’s 15th birthday, Levine tried to woo her by crooning “happy birthday.” He then gave a more serious pitch, though he acknowledged he couldn’t “fight” with Stefani.

And the teen ultimately chose to join Team Gwen. Watch below!

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