Late Night Hosts React To Donald Trump Press Conference Speech (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts React Donald Trump Press Conference Speech

By Holly Nicol |

Late Night Hosts React Donald Trump Press Conference Speech


The late night hosts reacted to the speech Donald Trump gave during a press conference on Thursday’s “Tonight Show,” “The Late Show” and more. Check out the videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump bashed the “dishonest” media and criticized the state of America during Thursday’s press conference at the White House. Originally planned as a media briefing on his new labor secretary, the president’s first solo press conference quickly transformed into a wide-ranging rant about the current state of the country, his connections with Russia, Michael Flynn, and more. Following Trump’s controversial speech, a variety of late night comedians hilariously and uniquely addressed the situation.

On the “Late Show,” Stephen Colbert quipped, “Wow, I am glad you could be here on this historic evening. Donald Trump just held his first solo press conference as president.” Colbert continued, “He didn’t even bring his meds with him, it was just him, alone. It was a robust one hour and 17 minutes long. That is beefy. So beefy you could eat it with a fork, but you’re going to want to use a spoon to get every drop of the crazy.”

On the topic of fake news, which Trump now bills “very fake news,” Colbert quickly made fun of the president’s new terminology. “Oh! Very fake news? I didn’t realize we were bringing out the big stupid guns. If that doesn’t work, he may have to ratchet it up to ‘very, very, totes-magotes, for-realises, falsies, fake news.'”

Jimmy Fallon recreated the scene from the press conference on the “Tonight Show,” hilariously impersonating the president as he gave his memorable speech. “Buckle up, because I’m coming in hot, this is going to be a crazy one, Daddy came to play,” Fallon joked. “First of all, you’re all fake news, I hate you all very much, and thank you for being here,” he said. Responding to a question asked by a member of the audience about his first four weeks in office, the late night host cracked, “We’ve made so much progress. If you ask any American, they’ll say that I managed to make the last four weeks feel like four years. Four more weeks! Four more weeks!”

Fallon continued, discussing Flynn’s secret correspondents with the Russian ambassador. “Look, I knew that he knew, that I knew but he didn’t know that I knew, that he knew, that I knew, that he knew, so now you know,” he quipped. Fallon also addressed the term “fake news,” noting, “I’ve thought of something new, I’ve changed the name, I’m now calling it ‘faux news.’ It’s much fancier if you think about it, much classier. Spelt ‘f a u x,’ and it’s not pronounced ‘fox.’ Even though I love Fox, it’s my favorite network.”

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the talk show host hilariously boiled down Trump’s speech to a mere two minutes. Before revealing the clip, Kimmel said of the impromptu press conference, “It was a sight to see. It reminded me of something you’d see before a pay-per-view boxing event.” He continued, cracking, “He spoke for one hour and 17 minutes, which is more than he’s spoken to Melania all this year.”

Meanwhile, Seth Meyers began his monologue on “Late Night” by calling Trump’s speech “bat sh*t crazy.” Meyers also joked about how Trump denied he was “ranting and raving” during not only his press conference speech, but other speeches he has given as president. “Did you hear him? He said he’s not ranting and raving,” he said. “But again, what president hasn’t had to say I’m not ranting and raving. Who could forget Lincoln’s tirade at Gettysburg, or FDR’s fireside meltdowns.” Check out the hilarious videos below of the late night hosts reacting to the speech Trump gave during his first solo press conference as president.

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