Late Night Hosts React: Donald Trump Elected President (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts President Donald Trump

By Shari Weiss |

Late Night Hosts President Donald Trump


Late night hosts reacted to Donald Trump being elected president on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show,” “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and more. Watch the videos below.

The networks pre-empted the late night shows on Tuesday for continuing coverage of election results. As Gossip Cop reported, Trump was declared the president-elect early Wednesday morning, and hours later, Hillary Clinton gave a concession speech. Now on their first broadcasts since the monumental outcome, the TV personalities addressed the situation with a mix of humor and seriousness.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” Jimmy Kimmel cracked, “Last night, Donald Trump reached out and grabbed America by the Virginia to somehow become President of the United States.” He noted, “I watched news coverage all night last night, and it was especially interesting to watch the change in tone as the night progressed. They started out upbeat, but as the evening went on, as the results came in, almost every anchor looked like a child slowly realizing that no one was showing up to his birthday party.”

After remarking how he thought Trump didn’t really want to win, Kimmel said, “There’s just no way even he thought he was going to win this. He totally wrote that victory speech on his hand 30 seconds before walking out.” “Trump won the Electoral College by a fairly wide margin even though Hillary won the popular vote. Turns out it’s not a popularity contest folks,” added Kimmel.

About Clinton’s celebrity fan base, Kimmel said, “In hindsight, I think the problem for Hillary was, and it’s easy to say now, she didn’t have enough celebrities supporting her.” Following a bit about the five stages of grief, Kimmel said, “No matter how you feel about it, Donald Trump is the President of the United States of America, so thank God we legalized marijuana yesterday.”

During “The Tonight Show,” Jimmy Fallon said, “Republicans hope he’ll keep his promise to build a wall, and Democrats hope he’ll keep his promise not to accept the election results.” He went on to joke that during his victory speech, Trump said he “couldn’t do it without his rock, his better half, FBI Director James Comey.” Fallon also said Trump will be the first president who goes to the White House and hangs his own portrait.

Following Fallon, Seth Meyers began his monologue on “Late Night” by deadpanning, “Well, that was a real grab in the p*ssy. I’m sorry to use foul language, but last time I checked, the electoral college seems to be fine with it.” The former “SNL” star admitted he was “wrong” about Trump all along, which could mean “he’s going to be a great f*cking president.” After nearly 10 minutes, Meyers concluded, “Donald Trump made a lot of promises as to what he’s going to do in the next four years, and now we get to see if he can fulfill them. And so, I’d just like to make one promise to him. We here at ‘Late Night’ will be watching you.”

Meanwhile, Conan O’Brien on “Conan” told his audience, “We have been here before. We have had bitter angry elections for 200 years, whether it was Jefferson versus Burr, Adams versus Jackson, Lincoln versus Douglas, Alien versus Predator.” As the crowd laughed, he acknowledged, “I threw that in! I’m trying to keep it light!” O’Brien went on, “The point is, this is our thing, okay? And the optimist in me chooses, today, to be happy that we have fair and free elections at all. It’s an amazing thing.”

Stephen Colbert, who hosted an election night special on Showtime, now said on his CBS “Late Show” that we have “four interesting years ahead of us.” He continued, “I was hoping to feel better because this sucks.” Colbert mentioned that there are protests in New York, and this “unity thing” may take a little “longer than Trump thought.” He also cracked about how people need to accept that the business mogul is now our president and discussed how to tell one’s kids Trump won. Colbert made a five stages of grief joke, as well.

“Late Late Show” host James Corden said the “good news is it’s over now, and everyone agrees with the outcome.” He did get serious, however, and discussed how “polarizing” the election was, but that America is a “country of opportunity and diversity and hope.” “It’s still the land of liberty… It’s the land of tacos. Tacos are Mexican, but that doesn’t mean they don’t belong here,” he added.

Check out the videos below of the late night hosts reacting to Trump being elected president. NOTE: The video is no longer available.

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