Late Night Hosts React To Donald Trump Congress Speech (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts React Trump Congress

By Shari Weiss |

Late Night Hosts React Trump Congress


Jimmy Fallon and more of the late night hosts reacted to Donald Trump’s Congress speech on Wednesday’s shows. Check out the videos below!

As Gossip Cop reported, Trump gave a joint address to Congress on Wednesday night. Many celebrities reacted negatively to the speech, and “The View” co-hosts gave mixed reviews. Now TV’s late night personalities have weighed in. And, naturally, much mockery was involved.

On “The Tonight Show,” Fallon once again broke out his Trump impersonation and brought back his newly-created “Trump News Network” to have the president report on his own speech. “In other news, me again,” Fallon-as-Trump said in the faux news broadcast. “I was big last night,” he said, “Everyone was saying I was so presidential.” Fallon’s Trump continued, “My speech was so good, people were talking about it before it even started.”

Then, in a nod to the controversial photos of Kellyanne Conway on the Oval Office couch, Fallon’s Trump asked his counselor if his speech was “fantastic,” only for the camera to show her sprawled out on the furniture. And, in his monologue, Fallon also said the speech was “surprising” because he didn’t mention the election or trash the media. “It was the first time people playing a Trump drinking game ended up sober,” he cracked. The talk show host then said, according to a CNN poll, 69 percent of people approved of the speech. Fallon noted of the number 69, Trump said it was “impressive,” while Vice President Mike Pence called it “inappropriate.”

Seth Meyers spent a good part of his monologue mocking the media for calling Trump and his speech “presidential” and “normal.” He also showed clips of democrats making uncomfortable faces during the president’s address. Then, Meyers said the speech was “heavy on empty promises and light on substance.” He also poked fun of the democrats’ post-speech response, which was delivered by 72-yearold former Governor of Kentucky Steve Beshear.

Curiously, Jimmy Kimmel, who did a “Trump-Free Tuesday” show the night before, did not make one single mention of the president’s speech during his monologue. Nor did the talk show host bring it up with his guest Alec Baldwin. He simply ignored Trump’s Congress address.

James Corden pointed out the president’s speech was by praised by both republicans and democrats, before joking, “I think I speak on behalf of everyone… What is happening?” He also cracked it was big news that Trump, according to news reports, acted “presidential.” Corden then said, “Extra, extra… The president’s goes a whole 60 minutes without insulting anyone.”

Meanwhile, Stephen Colbert broadcast a live episode of the “Late Show” less than two hours after Trump’s speech on Tuesday. But that didn’t mean he didn’t have more to say on the subject on Wednesday’s edition. “Big night last night for Donald Trump… or whoever gave that speech,” he cracked. Noting the “pretty good reviews,” including one that deemed Trump “surprisingly presidential,” Colbert quipped, “Always good when the president surprises you… by seeming plausible.”

Of Trump’s so-called “shift in tone,” Colbert went on to say, “Yes, he shifted from unhinged narcissist to hinged narcissist.” Check out the videos below!

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