Late Night Hosts Joke About Presidential Debate (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts Presidential Debate Jokes

By Andrew Shuster |

Late Night Hosts Presidential Debate Jokes

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Late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon were among those who joked about first presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on Monday night, and they had plenty to say about it. Watch the video below of some of the best jokes from Tuesday’s talk shows.

Kimmel began his monologue by saying, “As predicted, this was the most watched debate in the history of ever. More than 82 million Americans watched on TV alone. They covered all the major topics — national security, the economy, Rosie O’Donnell. Everything that needed to be covered.” He joked, “Trump said he wants to bring back ‘Stop and Frisk,’ whereas Hillary wants to bring back ‘Stop. Collaborate. And listen.’”

The talk show host continued, “After the debate, there was another debate about who won. Donald Trump, you’re not going to believe this, definitely believes he won. And not just the debate. He thinks he won the World Series and the Super Bowl, too.” Kimmel went on, “Of course, the big winner at the debate last night was Nasonex. Donald Trump was sniffling throughout the whole thing. Apparently, he fired his personal nose blower earlier in the week, and was left unattended all week.”

Fallon also joked about Trump’s sniffling, and his use of the word “braggadocios,” which the GOP presidential nominee used before “introducing his new speechwriters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.” The host also mocked Trump for making a joke about how old B-52s are. Fallon then cracked out that our B-52s are so old, they “need Cialis to launch a missile.”

Stephen Colbert brought up how people are talking about “who won?” The host said that it’s “a silly question to ask” because there were no judges, but if there were, “The Russians would give Trump a 10.” He also said Clinton “got under Trump’s skin” because she brought her “orange peeler.” Later, Colbert offered that a clear sign Trump lost was because on Tuesday “the peso went up.”

Conan O’Brien cracked that Trump had a “rough night,” and afterwards “complained about his microphone.” The host explained Trump was “angry everyone could hear him perfectly.” O’Brien also noted that Trump reportedly interrupted Clinton 51 times, and when asked if she was bothered, Trump said, ‘No, she wasn’t.'” He added that 51 interruptions is what Trump’s wife Melania calls “a quiet night.”

James Corden said 7 million tweets were sent during the debate, and “only 5 million of them were from Trump.” He similarly brought up Trump’s sniffling, which he explained was from being “allergic to whatever animal fell alseep on top of his head.” And the problem with Trump’s mic, explained Corden, was that “it was turned on.”

And Seth Meyers called Trump’s sparring the “worst debate performance by a Republican since Clint Eastwood lost to a chair.” He also noted that the GOP presidential candidate said after the debate that he gave Clinton a C+ for her performance, prompting Meyers to crack at Trump, “What was your grade, an H?” And about Trump’s microphone, the “Late Night” host acknowledged it was clearly defective since it “picked up everything he said.”

NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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