Late Night Hosts Joke About Anthony Scaramucci Being Fired (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts Anthony Scaramucci Jokes

By Michael Lewittes |

Late Night Hosts Anthony Scaramucci Jokes

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Late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon were among those who joked about Anthony Scaramucci being fired on Monday, just 10 days after becoming the White House Communications Director. Watch the videos below of some of the best jokes from the late-night talk shows.

Kimmel began his monologue by saying Scaramucci “is out of a job, fired on the morning new White House Chief of Staff John Kelly started in.” He noted, “Scaramucci last week called a reporter at the New Yorker and had a number of unflattering and filthy things to say about his colleagues Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon. President Trump reportedly thought those comments were ‘inappropriate,’ and you know, say what you’d like about him, [Trump] is a very appropriate person.” “It’s only a matter of time before Donald Trump replaces Ivanka with Tiffany Trump,” added the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” host. Kimmel then conducted an “interview” over the phone with “Scaramucci,” who dropped one expletive after another.

Meanwhile, Fallon cracked about Scaramucci being removed from office, noting when the fired Communications Director “called an Uber to pick him up at the White House, Sean Spicer was driving.” The “Tonight Show” host said Scaramucci was let go after giving an obscene interview with the New Yorker, adding, “You know it’s bad when you get fired after 10 days, and everyone’s still like, ‘What took you so long?’” Fallon also joked that Scaramucci’s “official start date was supposed to be August 15 or, as Trump put it, ‘See we’re setting so many records. He’s the first person to get ever get fired before they started working.’”

Stephen Colbert said he was “shocked” that Scaramucci was fired. “The front-stabber was backstabbed,” continued the “Late Show” host. “That’s not even a whole pay period,” Colbert added incredulously. He went on that to say that at Scaramucci’s going away party, they were still able to serve his “welcome cake.” Colbert next brought up how Scaramucci told the White House staff, “You want to sell postcards to tourists outside the gate, or do you want to work in the West Wing?” before showing a mocked-up photo of the one-time Communication’s Direction selling postcards on Pennsylvania Avenue.

Seth Meyers poked fun of how “fast” Scaramucci was fired. He then said, “Now 10 days may not seem not like a long time, but consider all the Mooch got accomplished. He sold his company away; he gave a vulgar, damning interview to the press; his wife filed for divorce; he missed the birth of his son… That’s more than Trump has done his entire presidency.” Later, the “Late Night” host described Scaramucci as “114 pounds of alfredo sauce, hair gel, and rage” before pointing out that the fired White House staffer’s “last name is longer than his tenure.” Check out the videos below of the late night hosts joking about Scaramucci being fired.

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