Larry Wilmore Tears Down Bill Cosby Over Alleged Sexual Assaults: How Many More Women Need To Come Forward? (VIDEO)

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Larry Wilmore Bill Cosby Video

By Shari Weiss |

Larry Wilmore Bill Cosby Video

(Comedy Central)

Larry Wilmore ripped Bill Cosby on Tuesday’s “The Nightly Show,” the second episode of his new Comedy Central series. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the new program replaced “The Colbert Report” as the follow-up to “The Daily Show,” with Stephen Colbert now headed to the “Late Show” later this year. Watch the video below.

Wilmore kicked off his second show with an extended segment on the sexual assault allegations surrounding Cosby. As Gossip Cop reported, more than 20 women have accused the former sitcom star of drugging, sexually abusing, and/or raping them. And while the comedian and commentator cracked quite a few jokes about the situation, Wilmore made it abundantly clear that he believes Cosby to be guilty of the alleged sex crimes, and expressed his disbelief that the star is continuing with his concert tour as some people continue to defend him.

“Is it because most of them allegedly happened so long ago? Is it because some of them went to Cosby’s hotel room alone? Is it because there are no [photos]? Is it because he’s so famous? Or is it just because they’re women?” asked Wilmore. “Because I would say enough have come forward. I mean, the current tally stands at 35 women. Really, folks. How many more do we need?”

“Let’s understand this number, okay?” he continued. “That’s like if Bill Cosby drugged and raped every single U.S. president from George Washington to John F. Kennedy.” Wilmore went on to acknowledge that a lot of people, including himself, are “piling on” Cosby, and offered to “consider for a second if Cosby didn’t do it.” After a timer clocked down, the host declared, “Okay, we’re done. That’s all we needed.”

There was a lot more, including additional mockery from comedian Mike Yard. The full video is definitely worth watching. Check it out below.


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