Lana Del Rey Fan Arrested After Home Invasion

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Lana Del Rey intruder

By Michael Lewittes |

Lana Del Rey intruder

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Lana Del Rey has had yet another frightening experience with an overzealous fan, Gossip Cop confirms. One of the singer’s fans was arrested on Tuesday for breaking into her Malibu home and camping out in her garage.

The unnamed 19-year-old man, who came from Kansas to California, was charged with burglary after having allegedly stolen a book from inside her house. Del Rey was never in danger nor came in contact with the individual because her house is currently under construction. Gossip Cop is told the fan has a seemingly unhealthy infatuation with Del Rey, and had written notes that were of concern.

The man was actually not picked up on Del Rey’s property, but instead in Santa Monica, based on leads the police had.

What’s most troubling is that Del Rey bought her pricey secluded Malibu beach home, all in an effort to protect herself from intrusive fans. While previously living in another section of Los Angeles, the singer was repeatedly confronted by fans, who often parked themselves right near her house.

Clearly, privacy is a big issue for Del Rey. In August, she released a music video for “High By The Beach,” featuring a scene in which she takes out a bazooka and blows up a helicopter with paparazzi who are trying to take photos of her inside her home.

Gossip Cop will update as soon as we get more information about the arrest at Del Rey’s Malibu home.


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