Lamar Odom Family Believes Brothel Allegedly Stole His Money

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Lamar Odom Ripped Off Brothel

By Andrew Shuster |

Lamar Odom Ripped Off Brothel

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Lamar Odom’s family believes he was allegedly ripped off by the Love Ranch, the Nevada brothel where the NBA star was found unconscious on Tuesday. In addition to Odom’s credit card being charged more than $75,000 for his three-day stay at the establishment, family members also suspect cash was stolen from his belongings.

One of Odom’s business managers, in addition to a member of the Kardashian camp, reportedly requested that brothel owner Dennis Hof show them Odom’s bill to fully account for all of the charges. Hof says that Odom was charged for two women, identified as Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe, who were billed to him for the four days he was at the Love Ranch before being hospitalized.

Odom’s people also allegedly became suspicious when his personal effects, including a backpack, were returned without any cash. According to the former NBA star’s bodyguards, Odom always carries large amounts of cash on him.

As Gossip Cop reported earlier, Hof and the Kardashians seem to have a tenuous relationship. During an interview Wednesday on HLN, brothel owner revealed to Nancy Grace that the Kardashian family’s publicist asked him not to do any interviews, but he told the spokesperson to “Go to hell.”

Gossip Cop has reached out for comments from Hof, as well as one of Odom’s reps. Tell us what you think about Odom’s family believing he may have been ripped off during his visit to the Love Ranch.


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