Lamar Odom Kicked Off Plane, Drunk And Vomiting On Flight

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Lamar Odom drunk plane vomit

By Andrew Shuster |

Lamar Odom Leaves Rehab

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Lamar Odom was kicked off a flight from Los Angeles to New York City on Monday night after getting drunk and vomiting on the plane. Witnesses say that the former NBA player was downing a variety of drinks in the airport lounge before boarding the plane, and then threw up in the first class area shortly before takeoff.

Odom reportedly ran to the bathroom and continued vomiting with the door open, before returning to his seat with puke on his clothes. Flight attendants quietly asked the former Laker to leave the plane as a cleaning crew was brought on board to clean the mess. However, a still vomit-soaked Odom supposedly returned to the plane and tried to take his seat, then got up and walked back to the restroom while steadying himself on passengers’ heads.

According to TMZ, a person complained about Odom being allowed back on the flight, so he was removed once again and the flight took off nearly an hour after its scheduled departure time. As Gossip Cop has reported, Odom has been struggling with drug and alcohol abuse for quite some time. In October of last year, the basketball player nearly died after overdosing at a Nevada brothel and falling into a three-day coma.

As Gossip Cop also reported in May, Odom was photographed by paparazzi boozing in the middle of the day at a bar inside the Beverly Center shopping mall in Los Angeles. And hours before attending church with the Kardashians on Easter, Odom was caught drinking at the Sherman Oaks, California bar Johnny O’Brien.


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