Lamar Odom: How Conscious Is He?

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Lamar Odom Conscious Speaking

By Michael Lewittes |

Lamar Odom Conscious Speaking

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Lamar Odom opened his eyes and briefly had a ventilator removed on Friday, but Gossip Cop is told it’s too early to say how much brain damage he suffered as a result of having a diminished amount of oxygen while unconscious at the Nevada brothel on Tuesday and then multiple strokes after he was hospitalized.

A number of outlets have reported Odom awoke and spoke to Khloe Kardashian, with varying accounts of what was said. Gossip Cop was told earlier on Friday that while Odom was doing a bit better, he was still struggling and not communicating. We have not yet 100 percent confirmed that he truly talked, though obviously on a human level, we hope that to be the case.

The goal now is to continue monitoring Odom with the hope of weaning him completely off life support. When he fully awakens, doctors will be better able to assess his mental state. The Kardashians have not publicly commented on any of the reported new developments, nor have any of Odom’s immediate family members.

Gossip Cop takes the integrity of reporting very seriously, and strives to provide the most accurate information possible in a timely manner. Sometimes, especially in medical situations, things change. If and when necessary, we amend accordingly. We also vow to continue separating fact from fiction, and will have updates.


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