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Lamar Odom Tell-All

(In Touch)

Lamar Odom is writing an autobiography, not a "Kardashian tell-all," contrary to a misleading cover story from In Touch. This is fake news, and Gossip Cop can separate what's fact from what's fiction.

The new cover of In Touch deceptively announces, "Lamar's Kardashian Tell-All: Cocaine, Cheating & Lies." The front of the issue then runs down a slew of salacious claims in the supposed "$10 million book that will expose the family." The list includes, "What Kim has done for money," "Khloe's real dad finally revealed," "Plastic surgery: Who's had what nipped, tucked & lifted," "Kim & Kanye's secret split," and "Kylie's world: Guns, drugs & danger."

The accompanying article inside the edition is just as dramatic, with a headline exclaiming, "Lamar Exposes The Kardashians!" Another teaser blares, "Cocaine overdoses, plastic surgery, cheating and more: Lamar Odom knows all of the Kardashians' secrets and he's not holding back in a new book." It's speculated that Odom would earn $10 million for such a publication, and a so-called "Lamar insider" is quoted as saying, "This book will go down in history because people will finally know the real truth about the Kardashian family. And it will destroy them."

The story is filled out with speculation about what Odom "could" write about, such as how a "chapter on Kim would give readers the dirty details on how she uses the men in her life to get what she wants." The gossip magazine actually goes family by family member, guessing what "secrets" Odom could possibly include in his book. But there's no evidence to back up any of the claims, nor is there any proof that the former NBA player plans to discuss the Kardashians in such gross detail.

Here's what's really going on: At the Kids' Choice Sports Awards a few days ago, Odom told the tabloid, "I have a book coming out, an autobiography about my life." He is quoted as further saying the memoir will cover "everything" and be a "free-for-all," where he's "open about everything that's been going on in my life, about the past." Nowhere is he quoted as saying anything about telling all about the Kardashians.

He said point-blank he is writing an autobiography. Why would that include "secrets" about Kim's marriage to Kanye West or Kylie Jenner's supposed involvement with guns and drugs? An autobiography is the story of one's life. It's not the story of other people's lives. And with the disingenuous cover line, "Cocaine, Cheating & Lies," placed over a picture of Kardashian and Jenner family members (above), the tabloid would argue if sued that it's about Odom himself. It may not be libel, but it is deceptive.

What In Touch has done is taken that tidbit, that Odom is writing a book about his life, and used it to spawn fake news about a "Kardashian tell-all." Of course, the family will be mentioned. Odom was married to Khloe and the others were in-laws. But, once again, the tabloid isn't telling all the truth.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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