Laith Al-Saadi “The Voice” Finale Video: Watch All Performances!

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Laith Al-Saadi Voice Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Laith Al-Saadi Voice Finale Video


Laith Al-Saadi, the dark horse on “The Voice” season 10, made a big push to win it all on Monday’s finale. Watch below!

Al-Saadi has outlasted all but three of his competitors on “The Voice,” even though his age, look, and sound don’t typify the show’s usual contestants. Now the artist, with his final turns on the stage, reminded everyone just why he’s made it this far. He was the first to perform, and started his last set with Cream’s “White Room.”

An extended guitar solo closed out the song and had both coach Adam Levine and Pharrell on their feet. Christina Aguilera even admitted afterward, “I have no idea how you do what you do on the guitar.” Blake Shelton also gave Al-Saadi props for emphasizing the guitar after he previously criticized the contender for doing so too much.

Al-Saadi next teamed up with Levine for what host Carson Daly called a “medley for the ages.” Lastly, the rocker performed an original song called “Morning Light.” And he again received a standing ovation from both Pharell and Levine.

“What a great original,” Pharrell told him. “Amazing cord changes. The solo into that amazing, crazy cord change is amazing.” And Levine said, “You still, slowly over time, leading up to this moment, become my favorite.” Check out all the videos below!


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