Tom Hanks Campaigning For Lady Gaga To Win Oscar?

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Tom Hanks Lady Gaga Oscar

By Andrew Shuster |

Tom Hanks Lady Gaga Oscar

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Has Tom Hanks been campaigning for Lady Gaga to win the Best Actress Oscar for A Star Is Born? One of this week’s tabloids claims the actor has been using his sway in Hollywood to help the singer nab an Academy Award. Gossip Cop is told the story is made-up.

According to OK!, Hanks and Gaga have maintained a secret friendship ever since they appeared together on the same episode of “Saturday Night Live” in 2016. The magazine fails to explain why the two have supposedly been hiding their friendship, but a supposed source tells the magazine that Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, have been “lobbying hard” for the singer to take home the Best Actress win.

The so-called “insider” adds, “Everything Gaga does is a revelation in their eyes, and they’re not embarrassed to gush over her any chance they get. Tom and Rita are happy to do their part in backing Gaga this awards season and think their peers should do the same.” The seemingly phony tipster goes on to say that Hanks and his wife are “obsessed” with Gaga and have been doing they’re part to ensure she scores the Oscar.

This random story is based on claims from an unidentified “source,” but Gossip Cop checked in with Hanks’ rep, who tells us on the record that it’s “not true.” The actor and his wife aren’t trying to convince their Hollywood peers to vote for Gaga over the other actresses nominated in her category. This story seems to have been concocted simply because Hanks hosted “SNL” the same night that Gaga was a musical guest.

It’s worth noting, Hanks and Wilson are friendly with Glenn Close, who’s considered to be Gaga’s biggest competition in the Best Actress category. The famous spouses even walked the red carpet with the actress at the “SNL 40th Anniversary Special” in 2015. In 2012, Hanks and Close attended the “Circle of Hope” charity gala to advocate for mental health research. The actor simply hasn’t been playing favorites when it comes to this year’s Oscars ceremony.

This also isn’t the first time a tabloid has made up a story surrounding Gaga’s involvement in awards season. Last month, Gossip Cop called out OK!’s sister outlet, RadarOnline, for falsely claiming Gaga was “in tears” after losing the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Shortly before that, the blog wrongly reported that Madonna was “lived” over Gaga getting Oscar buzz for A Star Is Born. This latest article is more fiction.


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