Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney Never Got Back Together, One Year After False Report

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Lady Gaga Taylor Kinney

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Lady Gaga Taylor Kinney

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Lady Gaga never got back together with Taylor Kinney, one year after Gossip Cop busted a false report claiming the exes had reconciled. We noted a full 52 weeks ago the story was untrue and time has once again proven us right.

On February 9, 2017, RadarOnline published an article that maintained Kinney and Lady Gaga were “back together” after calling off their engagement and splitting up. The outlet even alleged they had become “serious” after taking a “second shot at love.” According to the site, Kinney and Lady Gaga “shacked up at the Super Bowl,” where she was the Halftime Show performer.

The often discredited website quoted one of its untrustworthy or fabricated sources as saying, “Gaga and Taylor are still seeing each other low-key.” “They have not really stopped seeing each other, physically, and she has not gotten romantically involved with anyone because she is still very much in love with Taylor,” added the mischaracterized “insider.” The same supposed “insider” further guaranteed, “It is just a matter of time before they go public with their relationship again.”

Well, a full 365 days have passed, and as Gossip Cop noted, Lady Gaga and Kinney never got “back together.” In fact, a year ago we revealed that the singer was already dating her current boyfriend. We even wrote, “Gossip Cop hears [Lady Gaga’s] now dating Christian Carino, a talent agent at CAA,” whose clients we stated included Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. Additionally, Lady Gaga’s rep exclusively assured us then that any contention about her and Kinney having taken a “second shot at love” was “definitely wrong.” And it’s still wrong.

Unfortunately, RadarOnline’s Lady Gaga sources haven’t gotten any better in the past 12 months. A little more than a week ago, we busted the same outlet for falsely asserting she went under the knife and had a facelift before this year’s Grammy Awards. Of course, the site had no hard evidence to back-up its speculative claim about the singer’s “fresh new face.” A rep for Lady Gaga exclusively assured Gossip Cop in both instances that the blog’s articles were untrue.

And while the website has continued to write stories about Lady Gaga, not once has it acknowledged in the past year that its article about Lady Gaga and Kinney being “back together” was inaccurate. It has simply pushed forward with more false claims, duping readers into believing that its sources for the singer are reputable. But they’re not, and time will continue to show Gossip Cop is dedicated to reporting facts, while others seemingly have no problem churning out fiction.

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