Lady Gaga Pole Dances, Parties With Penises At Bachelorette Party For Catholic School “Bestie” — SEE PHOTOS/VIDEOS

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Lady Gaga Pole Dancing Videos

By Shari Weiss |

Lady Gaga Pole Dancing Videos


Lady Gaga’s Catholic school days were long behind her when she celebrated former classmate Ari’s bachelorette party with a weekend of drinking, penises, and pole dancing. “We love our girl so much we will be getting her drunk for the next 48 hrs. #catholicschoolgirlsdoitbest,” the pop star posted on Instagram. See photos and videos below!

Gaga initially teased the festivities on Friday, writing, “GIRLS NIGHT GET THE WINE!!! BACHELORETTE WEEKEND MY BESTIES GETTIN HITCHED.” She then went on to document the celebration, which apparently included penis-shaped candles, which Gaga explained was meant to symbolically represent “melting away the d*cks of her past.” There was also cake in the form of a penis (with the phrase “To have and to hold” written in frosting), which Gaga and her “high school besties” enjoyed as they got “#WhiteGirlWastedNYC.”

Another picture shows Gaga and her pals posing with male strippers. “Lord help the parents of Catholic school girls,” she captioned the snapshot. “We were bad in highschool and we’re bad now.” And there was also a male blow-up doll, complete with some very obvious anatomy. Gaga joked, “Even with all the strippers for the bride, us bridesmaids made sure Billy The Groom got some last night. Don’t worry we used protection!”

A hungover Gaga did have some regrets, though, like breaking her diet with pizza before she “blacked out,” and getting up early for a pole dancing class. “I can’t even believe my best friend and I thought this would be a good idea at 10:45 in the morning after a night none of us can remember,” she posted. Check out the pics and videos below!


Bachelorette weekend hungover pole dancing class! Somebody get that Popstar a hairbrush!

Een video die is geplaatst door @ladygaga op


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