Lady Gaga Planning “Extravagant” Wedding?

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Lady Gaga Planning Extravagant Wedding

By Holly Nicol |

Lady Gaga Planning Extravagant Wedding

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Is Lady Gaga planning an “extravagant” multi-day wedding? That’s the latest claim coming from one particular tabloid. Gossip Cop, however, can bust this bogus report. We’re told it’s “false.”

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Lady Gaga is not engaged to boyfriend Christian Carino, despite a slew of inaccurate engagement stories. As the rumors began to swirl, a rep for the singer exclusively told us that it’s “untrue” she and Carino are engaged. Not surprisingly, as opposed to reporting accurate information about Gaga, OK! is now claiming in its latest issue that she’s planning a “great big wedding,” which is slated to take place next spring. In the seemingly manufactured story, a so-called “source” tells the outlet, “In true Gaga fashion, she wants to turn her wedding into art. She’s working with a planner to put together a multi-day affair for more than 500 guests in either Malibu or the Hamptons.”

The magazine’s questionable “insider” goes on to assert that the superstar, who is only “reportedly engaged,” wants a variety of “exotic animals” at the wedding, as well as a “white dove release” and a “huge fireworks display.” Further purports the publication’s dubious tipster, “She’s planning a 45-minute performance with costume changes and props. Christian knows his bride-to-be wouldn’t do something traditional or ho-hum, so he’s not interfering with her wild plans.”

But by writing that Gaga is “reportedly engaged,” the magazine tacitly acknowledges it isn’t even sold on its own article, and nor is Gossip Cop. Gaga’s rep assures us the story about Gaga’s supposedly “extravagant” multi-day wedding is entirely “false.” And as we recently pointed out, Gaga isn’t even wearing an engagement ring, simply because she wasn’t gifted one. The engagement tale, which is continuing to spread like wildfire, is 100 percent fabricated.

Of course, this newest tale is coming from the same outlet that previously claimed Gaga was dating Carino just to help her acting career. Much like that bogus story, OK!’s latest fabrication is equally untrue.

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