Lady Gaga: Supporting Rape Survivors With ‘Til It Happens To You’ More Important Than Winning Oscar

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Lady Gaga Oscar Nomination Rape Survivors

By Andrew Shuster |

Lady Gaga Oscar Nomination Rape Survivors

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Lady Gaga reveals in a new interview that, despite being honored to be nominated for an Oscar for “Til It Happens to You,” she’s much more concerned that the song gives solace to rape survivors than she is with it possibly winning an Academy Award.

Gaga scored a Best Original Song nomination for “Til It Happens to You,” which is featured in the documentary The Hunting Ground, a film that sheds light on sexual assault on college campuses. “Everyone says, ‘Oh, an Oscar nomination.’ It’s not about that for me at all,” the singer tells Deadline about her accolade. “Of course, it’s cool,” admits Gaga, but she feels, “The Oscars nominated this issue by nominating this song. Now the issue has the media talking about it, hopefully in a way I believe it deserves to be talked about.”

Gaga further relates the positive impact the song has had on supporting rape survivors, noting, “That’s why we did this… We can reach more people.” The singer, who opened up last year about being raped when she was a teenager, says she shares her Oscar nomination with all fellow survivors. And as for being recognized by the Academy, Gaga explains, “That message is not just sent to me… but to people that hear the song and who went through something like this.”


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