Lady Gaga is not wearing an engagement ring because she's not engaged. This is a very simple concept, but some outlets seem to be struggling with fake versus real news. Allow Gossip Cop to set the record straight.

On Wednesday, Us Weekly wrongly announced that Gaga was engaged to boyfriend Christian Carino. The tabloid said he recently proposed after asking for her father's blessing, but suspiciously had no other details. The gossip magazine had no information on when Carino supposedly popped the question, where he proposed, how he did it and if a diamond ring was involved. It seems that's because the proposal never happened. A rep for Gaga exclusively told Gossip Cop that it's "untrue" she and Carino are engaged. And that should have been the end of this false rumor.

But rather than reporting the correction, some publications chose to still spread the misinformation. That's why on Friday, the Daily Mail is blaring in a headline, "Where's the ring? Lady Gaga heads to rehearsal without sparkler on THAT finger amid rumors she has accepted proposal from Christian Carino." The British paper writes, "She's rumored to have just accepted a proposal from her boyfriend, Christian Carino. But there was no engagement ring in sight as Lady Gaga waved to fans while arriving to a rehearsal at the Bell Centre in Montreal on Thursday."

Gaga wasn't wearing an engagement ring in the photos because she isn't engaged and wasn't gifted one. It's very straight-forward, but the U.K. tabloid decided to skip using common sense and forwent investigating for what amounts to a fake news story. There's literally nothing notable about the singer not wearing an engagement "sparkler" when she's not engaged. Had the Daily Mail bothered researching and fact-checking, it would have learned that Gaga isn't set to wed and realized there's absolutely no significance to her stepping out ring-less. What the outlet is trying to pass off as real news is simply fake.

This isn't the first time the newspaper chose to spread falsehoods about the performer instead of simply reporting the truth. In 2015, for example, the Daily Mail and Us Weekly were both among outlets that falsely claimed Gaga mistook Ed Sheeran for a waiter at the Grammys, after they were duped by a parody Twitter account. And in 2016, the British tabloid was one of the publications that wrongly said Gaga would be starring in a Dionne Warwick biopic. Perhaps if the Daily Mail did real reporting instead of regurgitating questionable allegations from other places, it would not run into these issues.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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