Did Lady Gaga, Madonna Ever Box Each Other?

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Lady Gaga Madonna

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Lady Gaga Madonna

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Lady Gaga and Madonna never boxed each other, despite a report from exactly one year ago today. At the time, Gossip Cop was told the claim about the two singers wanting to spar in a ring in Las Vegas was untrue. Now, 12 months later, it’s even more  clear the story was nothing more than a tabloid fabrication.

As widely reported, Madonna and Lady Gaga have feuded ever since 2012 when the longtime musician felt the younger singer’s Born This Way copied her 1989 hit Express Yourself.  In an interview then with “20/20,” Madonna said Lady Gaga “references me a lot in her work,” which she further called “reductive.” She would later swipe in another interview “I’m glad that I helped Gaga write [Born This Way].”

The following year, Lady Gaga would tell Howard Stern, “I don’t care that she doesn’t like me.” For her part, Madonna would later state she thought Lady Gaga was a “very talented singer and songwriter,” though she still felt the A Star Is Born actress “blatantly ripped off one of my songs.” By 2016, Lady Gaga noted in a radio interview that they’re “very different,” and praised Madonna for being the “biggest pop star of all time.” And it all seemed to have died down until Lady Gaga revisited the remark about her work being “reductive” in her 2016 Netflix documentary, Gaga: Five Foot Two.

While Madonna never commented on the film, on October 18, 2017, the National Enquirer maintained she was “seething” and wanted to publicly settle her feud with Lady Gaga in the ring. To make its story seem legitimate, the supermarket tabloid had what it alleged was a “source,” who contended Madonna challenged Lady Gaga to fight in a “boxing match in Las Vegas.” The supposed insider swore up and down the boxing match was going to happen since Madonna would successfully “shame Gaga into agreeing.”

Gossip Cop knocked out the phony story after speaking with a Madonna confidante, and now a full 365 days later it’s obvious we were right while the magazine was wrong. The tabloid simply manufactured the tale. There never was, nor was there ever going to be, a boxing match between the two singers.

The outlet didn’t get much better with its reporting about the veteran performer, having published a wholly inaccurate story several months later that falsely maintained Madonna snubbed Amy Schumer’s wedding. That claim didn’t pack a punch to it either. Far be it for Gossip Cop to weigh in, but it appears that Enquirer’s Madonna sources are a bunch of lightweights.


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