Though Lady Gaga has been open about suffering from medical issues, Gossip Cop is told her friends are not currently "worried" about her health, contrary to reports from two sister tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the stories.

Star and OK! are running virtually identical pieces on their respective websites that begin by asserting, "Lady Gaga has a lot going on these days, and friends are concerned she is wearing herself too thin!" Contend both outlets, "The top-charting singer is not only starring in and creating new music for Bradley Cooper's musical drama film A Star Is Born, but she also signed a two-year residency deal to perform in Las Vegas, and a source tells OK! that this may be too much for her to handle."

But there's some problems with those statements. Gaga already filmed A Star Is Born last year and her residency doesn't start until the end of 2018. The articles are wrongly making it seem like the performer-turned-actress is currently having to juggle both obligations. That just isn't the case. Still, the gossip magazines allege her loved ones question whether she's "up for the challenge."

To support the narrative, the two publications quote a so-called "insider" as saying, "Gaga has really been struggling with her health, and her chronic pain has become unbearable at times." The supposed source goes on to claim, "This should be a really exciting time for Gaga, but she stretches herself too thin and there's a real chance this kind of pressure could aggravate her problems." This alleged tipster even dramatically maintains, "They're terrified that she's working herself to death."

As a result, claim the tabloids, "friends of the pop star are warning her to take the time to put her health first this time." But the singer has already been putting her health first. For example, Gaga canceled tour dates last fall when she wasn't up to performing, and she has candidly spoken to fans about suffering from fibromyalgia. And though Gaga has vowed to "leave my heart on the stage every night" during the residency, she will obviously work within her limits.

Gaga is well enough right now to continue on with her "Joanne World Tour," which is slated to start back up again in Spain this Sunday after she originally postponed the European leg. That and the recently announced residency are signs that Gaga is currently doing well, not evidence that she's spreading herself "too thin." It seems like the magazines just wanted a dramatic narrative, like when OK! falsely claimed last October that Gaga's health had put A Star Is Born "in peril." The outlet was misguided then and remains so now, with the star's spokesperson exclusively telling Gossip Cop it's "untrue" there are concerns for her health right now.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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