Lady Gaga Did NOT “Flash” Super Bowl Audience, Despite Report

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Lady Gaga Flash Super Bowl

By Shari Weiss |

Lady Gaga Flash Super Bowl

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Lady Gaga did NOT “flash” the Super Bowl audience, despite a ridiculous report claiming she exposed her crotch to the fans at NRG Stadium. Gossip Cop can bust the salacious story.

The sensationalists at MediaTakeOut blare in a headline on Monday, “MTO SHOCKER!!! Lady Gaga Appears To Have ‘Accidentally FORGOT’ To Wear Underwear… And Flashed The Superbowl Audience!!” It says in the accompanying story, “Lady Gaga’s performance at last night’s Superbowl was EPIC — but her pre-game show may have been been even MORE EPIC. You see, she was doing her pre-game stretches n a dress on the field . . . and it dind’t look like she had on any underwear [sic].”

As proof, MediaFakeOut features a picture of Gaga sitting on the field with the front of her skirt bunched up. But the pop star isn’t “flashing” anyone. She’s actually wearing flesh-colored underwear.

Obviously, had Gaga actually exposed her nether region, outlets besides MTO would’ve reported on it. Chrissy Teigen’s nip slip as she watched the Super Bowl, for instance, went viral within minutes. But no legitimate outlet ran stories on Gaga flashing the crowd because it never happened.

Heck, MTO didn’t even know why the singer was really on the field. Gaga wasn’t doing “pre-game stretches.” She was posing for photos, as the entertainers often do during the pre-game period. That’s all there was to see, and nothing else. And, before it’s even suggested, Gaga’s Halftime Show didn’t include any wardrobe malfunctions, either.

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