Lady Gaga Did NOT Mistake Ed Sheeran For Waiter At Grammys, Singers Mock Claim

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Ed Sheeran Lady Gaga

By Shari Weiss |

Ed Sheeran Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga did NOT mistake Ed Sheeran for a waiter at the Grammys, despite a rumor that has been floating around online since Sunday. On Tuesday night, the singers both took to Twitter to humorously set the record straight.

The allegation stems from a tweet sent froma FAKE Sheeran Twitter account with the username “@edsheersan.” See the mispelling? The impostor tweeted, “I love @ladygaga. Spoke to her earlier and she mistook me for a waiter. Gotta love the #GRAMMYs. #INeedANewSuit? Aha.”

Many believed the message came from the real Sheeran, so much so that Gaga received quite a bit of hate on Twitter for her alleged insult. But it NEVER HAPPENED, and the fake Sheeran even admitted as much afterward, though without any remorse for the confusion. And some outlets, like Us Weekly, In Touch, and the Daily Mail, were totally duped, and ran the tweet as if it was legitimate.

The actual Sheeran expressed his frustration on Tuesday, tweeting from his actual account, “Newspapers are writing stories based on tweets from a fake parody account, that’s what it’s come to.” He and Gaga later then had a real meeting hours later, and Sheeran shared a photo of the encounter on Instagram (see above). “Just bumped into gaga she’s fetching me a drink,” he joked, adding, “God bless the press.”

And Gaga tweeted shortly after, “Silly stories about me & @edsheeran! Of course I know who this gem is!” She also emphatically added, “THERE ARE NO WAITERS AT THE GRAMMYS PEOPLE.” Case closed.


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