Lady Gaga Attacking Donald Trump At Super Bowl Rumor Made Up By HollywoodLife

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Lady Gaga Donald Trump Super Bowl

By Michael Lewittes |

Lady Gaga Donald Trump Super Bowl

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Lady Gaga never had any plans to attack president-elect Donald Trump during her Super Bowl performance, nor were there ever any rumors she would go after him verbally during the halftime show. It was all made up by a site repeatedly shown to publish fake news. Gossip Cop has the exclusive on this journalistic fumble.

In a newly manufactured story, the repeatedly disproven HollywoodLife blares in a headline, “Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl Performance: Will She Attack Donald Trump During Halftime Show?” The untrustworthy webloid continues, “Forget about the NFL’s linebackers. Lady Gaga could land the most brutal hit of Super Bowl 51 on Donald Trump!” “Gaga is not a fan of the incoming president,” notes the outlet before exclaiming that it has “the EXCLUSIVE scoop if she’ll use her halftime show performance to attack Trump!”

There’s one slight problem with this fake news story. No one ever said Lady Gaga might verbally assail Trump at the Super Bowl. It was all made up by the webloid, which has earned the nickname HollywoodLies. And while not a soul discussed this being a possibility, as it often does, the website quotes an unnamed and untraceable “source close to Gaga” as saying the singer “isn’t going to focus her performance on him.”

Gossip Cop wonders whether the often discredited outlet’s “source” is the same one it relied on when it wrongly reported Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney had a secret wedding. Or was the “source” the individual behind the claim that Lady Gaga was collaborating with Selena Gomez on a song, because Gossip Cop shot down that concocted story as well. Basically, HollywoodLife made up the rumor that Lady Gaga might attack Donald Trump, just so it could publish an article to say it wasn’t true. And Gossip Cop knows this because we checked with Lady Gaga’s team, and they exclusively assure us no one from that unreliable site even approached them about the supposed rumor.

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