Lady Gaga Starring In Dionne Warwick Biopic Reports NOT True

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Lady Gaga Dionne Warwick Biopic

By Shari Weiss |

(Entertainment Weekly)

Lady Gaga is NOT starring in a Dionne Warwick biopic, despite a slew of false reports.

On Friday, outlets ranging from People and Entertainment Weekly to the Daily Mail and the New York Post all claimed Gaga was officially cast in the upcoming movie, alongside former Destiny’s Child member LeToya Luckett. The stories were all based on comments from Warwick at the Cannes Film Festival, where she said Gaga would be playing her “nemesis,” Cilla Black.

But none of the places regurgitating the information bothered to check with Gaga’s camp to make sure it was accurate before running with it as major news. And it’s NOT accurate. A rep for the pop star says in a statement, “She is not attached and will not appear in this project. Reports of Gaga starring in the project are false.”

That said, it’s unclear why Warwick was under the impression that Gaga was on board. The star’s actual next acting gig has yet to be revealed, but it could involve Bradley Cooper. As Gossip Cop reported, the two stepped out together last month, after which a source exclusively told us they were having a “business” meeting.

Speculation has centered about Gaga joining Cooper’s long-awaited A Star Is Born remake, but nothing has been confirmed. When there is actual Gaga casting news, Gossip Cop will have it.

UPDATE: Dionne Warwick is insistent that Lady Gaga will indeed be in her biopic, despite her rep’s denial. While admitting she hasn’t spoken to the singer-actress directly, Warwick tells Variety, “Actually, it’s just a little glitch. It will be corrected very soon, and everybody who retracted will have to retract again. It wasn’t her that issued the statement. It was her PR people. It’s like everything else. The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing. It becomes a problem. When they start talking to each other, it’s going to make a difference.”

“We finally have gotten texts and everything from everybody saying we’ll get it straightened out,” Warwick went on. But when pressed on whether Gaga will really be in the movie, she told the outlet, “As far as I know, yes. And if she’s not, somebody else will be. It’s that simple.” Warwick should probably start planning for the latter.

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