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A recent tabloid claiming Lady Gaga is "desperately" trying to get married and have children soon is incorrect. Gossip Cop looked into the phony story and can correct it. Here's what we found out.

In a new article by Life & Style, the tabloid asserts the singer is already talking about marriage with her current beau, entrepreneur Michael Polansky. The outlet contends after Gaga's previous relationships ended, she never thought she would find love again but after a few months of dating, the pop star is ready to settle down. A so-called source tells the magazine, "Gaga and Michael make a great couple, but she wants more. She's ready to be a wife." The supposed insider continues, "The timing couldn't be better. She's always wanted to start having children in her mid-30s and of course, Michael makes her happy as hell."

"She'd propose to Michael right now and marry him on the spot if she could, but she's trying to be patient," the sketchy source adds. The nugget of truth to the story is that the pop singer did say she wants kids someday. "I hope that when I have maybe a little girl one day, or a little boy, and they see Mommy put her makeup on, that they have the same experience that I did. That's the greatest gift of all when you can connect with your parents," the singer told Allure magazine in July 2019.

Everything else the tabloid claims is incorrect. Gaga is not urgently trying to marry Polansky or have children. A source close to the couple assures Gossip Cop the article is not true. This also wouldn't be the first time Life & Style was off-base with its stories about Gaga. We busted the bogus magazine in February 2019 for falsely stating Gaga called off her engagement because of Bradley Cooper. The outlet insisted the singer called it quits with Christian Carino because she was in love with Cooper. We looked into the suspicious story and found it to be a work of fiction.

In November 2018, we busted the unreliable outlet for claiming Cooper and Gaga "fell in love" with each other while filming A Star is Born. The story was completely inaccurate as Cooper was with Irina Shayk at the time and Gaga was still with Carino. We also checked with sources close to the situation who confirmed Gaga and Cooper were just close friends. Gossip Cop dismissed the inaccurate story, and dozens just like it linking the co-stars. Cooper and Gaga have never dated.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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