Lady Gaga did not address a recent tabloid story saying she's pregnant with Bradley Cooper's baby, despite a false claim. Although Gossip Cop debunked the article, the singer herself hasn't commented. However, a blog is wrongly reporting that Gaga confronted the rumors on Twitter, which isn't the case.

Last week, Gossip Cop busted an In Touch cover story alleging that Gaga and Cooper were having a baby together. As we noted at the time, there's no romance between the A Star Is Born co-stars, and the singer certainly isn't expecting the actor's child. Not only did a source close to the singer assure us the report was total nonsense, but reputable outlets such as People magazine and "Entertainment Tonight" have confirmed that Gaga and Cooper aren't a couple, despite sharing a very close friendship.

This week, the blog the Cheat Sheet published a headline reading, "Lady Gaga Called This Magazine Cover Headline 'Out of Hand.'" The accompanying article says the singer took it upon herself to call out In Touch on social media. The website maintains that the pregnancy rumors "led Gaga to comment via Twitter," adding, "Upon seeing yet another magazine cover claiming of a romance between herself and Cooper, she decided to share it on her Twitter account, most likely due to the audacity of the story."

The unreliable outlet adds, "Gaga tweeted the cover with the caption 'This is getting out of hand' and the laughing/crying emoji." Only, she didn't. The screenshot shared by the blog comes from the Twitter handle Lady Gaga Now, which is a fan page. The moderator of the fan account was the one who wrote, "This is getting out of hand." There's no such comment on Gaga's verified Twitter account.

It's unclear if the Cheat Sheet doesn't know the difference between Twitter fan accounts and verified celebrity accounts, or if it's just trying to dupe readers. Either way, the site's story is flat-out wrong. Gaga did in fact address the romance rumors surrounding her and Cooper during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in February. At the time, the singer confirmed there's no truth to the speculation about her being involved with her co-star. In March, Gaga took to Twitter to shoot down a rumor about her being pregnant, but didn't mention Cooper by name.

Gaga hasn't commented on any other stories involving Cooper since doing so in March. As of late, the singer's official Twitter page has mostly been filled with content related to her Las Vegas residency, charity events and awards show appearances. As for Gaga's take on In Touch's new cover story, you won't find her reaction on a Twitter account run by her fans.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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