Lady Gaga Moving Into Bradley Cooper’s New York City Townhouse?

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Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Moving Into New York

By Andrew Shuster |

Lady Gaga Bradley Cooper Moving Into New York

(In Touch)

Lady Gaga is not moving into Bradley Cooper’s New York City townhouse, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the bogus story. There’s no truth to it.

According to In Touch, the singer started living with her A Star Is Born co-star shortly after his split from Irina Shayk last month. “She’s already even moved some of her stuff into the apartment,” a supposed source tells the magazine. “He’s a very relationship-oriented guy when it comes down to it, and there’s no question they’re in love. Moving in together was the next logical step. And now they don’t have to pretend anymore.”

The alleged tipster further contends that Cooper “immediately cleared out a bunch of drawers and closet space” after Shayk moved out, and Gaga “wasted no time filling them up.” The questionable insider also maintains that Gaga has been adding her own personal touches to the actor’s West Village townhouse, including “her own decorations and home furnishings,” and she plans on making more permanent renovations soon.

From there, the seemingly phony source says Cooper and Gaga are enjoying living together but don’t want to jump into marriage just yet as they’re both fresh off of breakups. “[They] already feel like they’ve been under a spotlight, and they don’t want all the added attention of a big wedding right now,” asserts the suspicious tipster. “They know how they feel about each other, and that’s all that matters. They don’t need to make it official.” The tabloid concludes that Cooper and Gaga want to get married and have babies down the road, but are content to just shack up together for the time being.

Just two weeks ago, however, Gossip Cop busted In Touch for falsely claiming Cooper and Gaga were having a baby together. This latest phony article makes no mention of the co-stars expecting a child. That’s because the magazine seems to be concocting its storylines as it goes along. In April, we called out the tabloid for wrongly reporting Cooper was eager to marry Gaga. Conversely, this latest story says the pair want to hold off on tying the knot.

In reality, Cooper and Gaga aren’t romantically involved. Individuals connected to both stars have assured us several times they’re simply close friends. Reliable outlets such as People magazine and “Entertainment Tonight” have similarly confirmed the co-stars have a close bond but they’re not a couple. The latter publication even made a point of noting how Cooper isn’t making dating a “priority” following his split and “is completely focused on his career and his daughter [with Shayk].”

When it comes to Cooper and Gaga’s relationship, the tabloid is creating fake narratives, then dropping them and coming up with new ones. The outlet can’t even bother to keep its fiction consistent. And for those reasons, we’re rating the story with a 0.


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