Lady Gaga Asked Bradley Cooper To Marry Her?

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Married

By Andrew Shuster |

Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga Married

(In Touch)

Did Lady Gaga really ask Bradley Cooper to marry her? One of the tabloids claims the singer proposed to her A Star Is Born co-star following their performance at last weekend’s Oscars. Gossip Cop can debunk the ridiculous story.

According to In Touch, Gaga was so overcome with emotion after the Academy Awards, where she and Cooper sang a duet of their hit track “Shallow,” she popped the question to her co-star. “As insane as it sounds – and Gaga thinks it’s pretty crazy too – she just had to follow her heart and go with her gut,” a questionable tipster tells the magazine.

Cooper, who shares a young daughter with his girlfriend Irina Shayk, was “stunned” by Gaga’s supposed proposal, says the outlet’s “source,” who further contends that the actor “has deep feelings” for his co-star but had to reject her offer. “The timing isn’t right, no matter how strong his feelings are for her,” adds the seemingly phony insider. “Gaga understood… This won’t hurt their relationship. If anything, it will make it stronger because now everything is out in the open.”

The so-called “source” further states that Gaga’s ex-fiancé, Christian Carino, “would be devastated if he found out that she’d proposed to Bradley – especially so soon after their split. It would confirm what he suspected all along about the actor being the real true love of her life.” The “insider” concludes, “Bradley may have said no to her proposal, but I wouldn’t count them out just yet. They seem destined to be together.”

The tabloid’s story, which is based on claims from an anonymous and untraceable “source,” is flat-out absurd. Despite what the outlet’s seemingly phony “insider” maintains, Cooper’s rep says on the record that Gaga never proposed to him. As Gossip Cop has stressed several times, the co-stars share a close bond and a deep friendship, but neither one has romantic feelings towards the other.

In Touch alleged back in October that Cooper and Shayk were headed for a split over Gaga. That obviously never happened. In fact, the Russian supermodel happens to also be friendly with her boyfriend’s co-star. At the Oscars last week, Shayk was photographed hugging Gaga following the musician’s win for Best Original Song.

Last month, Gossip Cop called out In Touch for falsely claiming Gaga and Shayk got into a fight over Cooper at the Golden Globes. No such incident occurred. Now that the singer has called off her engagement, the outlet has decided to escalate the storyline by claiming she proposed to her A Star Is Born co-star. It simply never happened.


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