Reports About Lady Gaga Having ‘Harder Time Letting Go’ Than Bradley Cooper Are Wrong

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Bradley Cooper Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga is not having a “harder time letting go” of A Star Is Born than Bradley Cooper, despite a slew of inaccurate reports. Unfortunately, that falsehood was repeated so many times by so many different outlets that it appeared to be true. But it isn’t. Lady Gaga’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop the claim is 100 percent wrong.

In the middle of an article about Cooper and Lady Gaga, Us Weekly quoted an unnamed “source” as alleging the “extremely dramatic” actress and singer has “difficulty shutting it on and off.” And while that magazine maintained Cooper had moved on, and is no longer putting on the act about them being lovers, the publication’s anonymous “source” added how Lady Gaga is having a “harder time letting go.”

That last unattributable quotation about Lady Gaga having a “harder time letting go” than Cooper, however, was enough for several outlets to manufacture articles around it. That’s not a new tactic, but what was lost was old-fashion journalism, which requires investigating, fact-checking, and confirming. None of that was done by the many magazines which posted stories online about Lady Gaga having a “harder time” than Cooper separating herself from her character in the movie.

Elle wrote, “Lady Gaga Is Reportedly Having a ‘Harder Time’ Letting Go of Her Character From ‘A Star Is Born.'” “Lady Gaga Is Reportedly Having a ‘Harder Time Letting Go’ of A Star Is Born Than Bradley Cooper Is,” similarly read a Harper’s Bazaar headline. And Cosmopolitan also declared, “Lady Gaga Has Reportedly Been Having a Hard Time Letting Go of Her ‘A Star Is Born’ Character.”

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Not one of those or the various other outlets that ran nearly identical articles mentioned in their pieces anything about verifying the premise or even reaching out to spokespeople qualified to speak on Lady Gaga’s behalf. In fact, each one of those headlines (above) acknowledge they didn’t bother to see whether or not the story was accurate. Instead, they just added the word “reportedly” to their headlines. But that’s not journalism. That’s laziness, and it sometimes leads, such as in this case, to spreading false claims.

Those outlets don’t even know whether the unidentifiable and unaccountable “source” quoted by Us Weekly even exists. Conversely, Gossip Cop approached Lady Gaga’s rep for an on-the-record statement, and we were categorically told the tale about her having a hard time switching it off was not true. The spokesperson added how all those reports were the result of “active imaginations.”

More importantly, even the Oscar-winner acknowledged it was all make-believe. When Lady Gaga appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” following her Oscars win, after the talk-show host noted how people on social media questioned whether she and Cooper were actually “in love,” the actress rolled her eyes. She then explained, “People saw love, and guess what? That’s what we wanted you to see.” Relating how they had to appear enamored with one another because A Star Is Born is “love story,” Lady Gaga asserted, “I’m an artist, and I guess we did a good job. Fooled ya.”

And now readers have been “fooled” by one untraceable “source,” who contended Lady Gaga is having a “harder time letting go” of her character from A Star Is Born than Cooper is. If the Oscar-winner was truly unable to shut it “on and off,” then she would have been gushing on “Kimmel” about how “in love” she is with Cooper, rather than admitting it was all an act. The larger point, however, is not only did Lady Gaga and Cooper dupe audiences with their acting, but sadly several publications duped their readers by regurgitating a phony claim rather than doing real reporting and fact-checking.


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