Lady Gaga Beach Bling NOT Engagement Ring, Despite Speculation

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Lady Gaga-Ring Beach

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Lady Gaga-Ring Beach

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Lady Gaga posted photos of herself on the beach in Miami on Wednesday, and because of what she wore in the pictures, the singer sparked another round of false engagement rumors. In a series of images on Instagram, Lady Gaga can be seen wearing a bikini, high heels, a coverup, and what some wrongly believe is an engagement ring (below). But her rep, once again, assures Gossip Cop that the singer and her talent agent boyfriend, Christian Carino, are not engaged.

Exactly one month ago, Us Weekly published a false report that maintained Lady Gaga was engaged to Carino. Right afterwards, a slew of other outlets ran the misinformation without even bothering to fact-check the tabloid’s story. That’s why when Lady Gaga posted the new photos of herself on the beach wearing a ring, Us Weekly ran another article. It appears, however, the magazine is no longer 100 percent sure of its engagement claim.

For its latest article, the publication ran a headline that reads, “Lady Gaga Shows Off Huge Diamond Ring During Bikini Beach Photo Shoot.” Noticeably, the tabloid doesn’t say “engagement ring.” Even the first line of the outlet’s new story hints at its uncertainty. The report starts off, “Bling alert! Lady Gaga showed off what looked like a giant engagement ring during a bikini photo shoot on the beach in Miami.”

“What looked like a giant engagement ring”? As the saying goes, looks can be deceiving. And in this case, it’s not an engagement ring, Lady Gaga’s rep exclusively tells Gossip Cop once more.

Of course, when the tabloid first ran its original piece in early November, it simply maintained Lady Gaga and Carino were engaged and that he supposedly popped the question several months before. The article, however, omitted a lot of key facts, including where, when and how Carino allegedly proposed to the superstar. And the reason the magazine didn’t have those answers, as Gossip Cop pointed out a month ago, was because there was no engagement. In fact, a few days later in Indianapolis, local ABC reporter Kara Kenney noted on Twitter that she met Lady Gaga and the singer told her she’s “not engaged, but happy.”

Not surprisingly, following Lady Gaga posting the beach pictures to Instagram, a number of other outlets again substituted speculation for actual reporting. Life & Style, for instance, ran a headline on Friday that exclaims, “Lady Gaga Flashes Giant Diamond Ring on Instagram Amid Engagement Rumors.” “Amid engagement rumors”?

Gossip Cop doesn’t publish “rumors.” We seek facts. And in this case, the regurgitated talk about Lady Gaga being engaged once again doesn’t ring true.

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