Kylie Jenner “Would Love To See Kendall Get Pregnant” Is Made-Up Story

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Kylie Kenndall Jenner Pregnant

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Kylie Kenndall Jenner Pregnant

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A story claiming Kylie Jenner “would love to see Kendall get pregnant” was made-up. Gossip Cop can explain how readers can tell this tale was manufactured. For starters, the same site tried peddling a similar article nearly two months ago.

“Kylie Jenner ‘Would Love’ To See Kendall Get Pregnant: It’s Her ‘Ultimate Dream’ After Having Stormi,” HollywoodLife announces in a headline. The blog purports that a “source close to Kylie told us exclusively why she really wants Kendall to start having kids… right now.” This unidentifiable “snitch” is quoted as saying, “When it comes to time frames, Kylie would like to see Kendall get pregnant before she gets pregnant again.”

No real reason is provided, aside from the assertion that Kylie wants to become a “proud aunt” to Kendall’s child, and the claim that she “really wants to see Kendall as a mom since she is so good around all the sisters’ kids.” Apparently that’s enough for the website to declare, “So, it’s your move now, Kendall!” The outlet goes on to add, “And if that [pregnancy] is to happen, Kendall probably needs to get a move on.”

But Kendall has already said twice this year that she has no interest in becoming a mom in the near future. In a January interview with pal Cara Delevingne for Elle, Kendall said, “I definitely don’t plan on having them anytime soon.” Then, in Kendall’s April cover story for Vogue, she emphasized, “I am ready to wait. I want to have kids, but at, like, 28 or 29.” For the record, she’ll only be turning 23 this fall.

It makes little sense that Kylie would have a source supposedly “close” to her tell a gossip outlet that she wants her sister to have kids “right now” when Kendall herself has publicly said she doesn’t want to. Gossip Cop made a similar point in early June, when the online publication wanted readers to believe Kylie was hoping Kendall would make “supermodel babies” with Anwar Hadid, someone she wasn’t even dating. Tellingly, this latest piece doesn’t mention Hadid, or just with whom Kendall would be having a child.

There’s an additional problem here as well. HollywoodLies, as the site is nicknamed for its tendency to concoct phony stories, keeps flip-flopping on when the younger reality star intends to have another child. Last month, for example, the blog couldn’t decide whether Kylie was waiting to have a second baby or wanted to conceive again on Father’s Day. Now in this report, Kendall’s own would-be pregnancy is supposedly what will determine when Kylie herself gets pregnant again.

These contradictory stories are evidence that the website’s alleged “sources” aren’t real and its stories are fiction. In this case, the “source” going against Kendall’s own comments on this topic is just further proof the outlet makes its articles up.


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