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Have rumors about a “circulating” sex tape got Kylie Jenner freaking out? One tabloid claimed the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and her mom, Kris Jenner, are trying to get to the bottom of the rumors. Gossip Cop looked into the matter and we have to admit we’re skeptical for several reasons.

New "Nightmare" For Kylie Jenner

“Kylie’s Sex Tape Nightmare!” read the headline from a recent issue of Star. This news came just after Forbes revoked Jenner’s title of youngest self-made billionaire after discovering inconsistencies in paperwork provided to the publication. The outlet maintained that the Kylie Cosmetics creator was in a panic over rumors of a sex tape. A so-called “insider” told the tabloid,

Kylie’s friends are buzzing about rumors of a sex tape circulating.

The source went on to say, “She’s freaking out because this is not the kind of attention she wants right now.” It seems to us that having a sex tape released against Jenner’s will would be the last thing she’d want under any occasion, but we digress. The outlet notes that despite Jenner’s “reality-show upbringing,” she’s been known to be protective of her privacy, as made clear by the makeup mogul’s pregnancy with her daughter, Stormi.

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Jenner's "Stupid Mistakes"

Though the “pal” noted that Jenner “made a huge name for herself as a sex siren and a social media star,” but that the 23-year-old “made some stupid mistakes” on the way to the top. With one of these alleged “mistakes” coming back to “haunt” Jenner, she’s turning to someone who’s dealt with this before: her mom Kris Jenner.

She and Kris have made these things disappear in the past. That’s the benefit of being a billionaire!

Not The First Time

It seems as if Star makes the same prediction every few months in the hopes that it might strike it lucky. Even a broken clock is right twice a day, they say. Perhaps that’s why the outlet reported last year that Kylie Jenner was supposedly worried that her ex-boyfriend Travis Scott might leak nude photos or videos of her. No such leak has taken place, proving Gossip Cop right when we reported that the rumors were likely false.

As for these current rumors of an alleged sex tape, those are likely false as well. Isn’t it suspicious that there’s only rumors of a tape, but absolutely zero details about who’s in it? The outlet avoids claiming outright that the rumored tape even belongs to Jenner since it’s clear that it doesn’t exist in the first place. Jenner's rep also denied the rumors, which is we're confident this story is false. We'd also like to point out how gross it is that it's supposedly a "stupid mistake" on Jenner's part if her privacy is violated according to Star. The person who leaked the alleged, likely imaginary tape? Well, that person the tabloid has nothing to say about.

This tabloid is always publishing outlandish and demonstrably false stories about Kylie Jenner, which is why it’s so difficult for Gossip Cop to trust anything Star prints. For instance, the outlet once claimed Jenner was posting sexy photos of herself to Instagram in order to make her ex, Scott, jealous. We rightly pointed out that posting sexy pictures of herself online is sort of Jenner’s whole claim to fame. Besides, the exes are actually close friends more concerned with co-parenting their daughter than playing petty social media games.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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