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A report claiming Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott made a "sexy World Series bet" is nothing but fake news. Gossip Cop can explain how this was manufactured just to capitalize on two hot topics.

As Gossip Cop has reported, ever since it was announced Jenner and Scott are expecting their first child together, HollywoodLife has been writing about the couple incessantly. Most of these stories have been made-up exclusives that are designed to exploit people's high interest in Jenner right now. Of course, over the last week, people have also been extremely interested in the World Series. Talk of the MLB championship has dominated social media and it is a frequently searched topic on search engines, much like Jenner is.

So, HollywoodLies apparently decided to milk both subjects by combining them into one post, in which the site claimed it was "hearing that your favorite celeb couple has a cute bet riding on the Fall Classic." A so-called "friend of Kylie's" was quoted as saying, "Travis is a huge Astros fan and he's betting big on them winning the World Series. Kylie, she's cheering for the Dodgers. They're having fun and have a friendly little bet going. Whoever loses has to give a full body massage. Kylie's been teasing Travis all week, sending him pictures of massage oil, saying she can't wait to collect on the bet."

Um, what kind of "friend" would blab to a gossip blog about Jenner and Scott giving each other full-body oil massages? That's not suspicious at all. What's also notable is that the outlet doesn't even bother to mention that Scott is from Houston, or that he was actually at the game at the time this story was published. It is certainly believable, though, that he might've placed a wager on the outcome. But Jenner? She has given zero indication that she cares about the World Series whatsoever. Unlike Scott, who has posted about the Astros on social media, the reality star hasn't said boo about the Dodgers on Twitter or Instagram.

In fact, when Gossip Cop scoured the internet for any connections between Jenner and the team, aside from the fact that she lives in Los Angeles, all we found were photos from 2009 when the Kardashian sisters and mom Kris Jenner were guests at a game. Jenner's own interest in sporting events seems to be limited to sitting courtside at NBA games, as seen in the photo above, which the online publication used to illustrate its baseball-focused report. But a lack of evidence showing the expectant star having any kind of stake in the World Series is not the only reason to doubt the legitimacy of HollywoodLies' tale.

The online publication actually gives away its story as inauthentic in two spots, by referring to Jenner as Scott's "reportedly pregnant girlfriend" and later referencing the "alleged pregnancy." The webloid doesn't actually know for sure that she's pregnant, yet somehow knows about the couple's "sexy World Series bet"? Please. If HollywoodLies really had a Jenner "friend" or any kind of real source connected to the couple, it would know for sure whether or not she's pregnant. It's quite apparent that this unsubstantiated "bet" article was merely concocted in hopes that a story on Jenner and the World Series would lead to traffic. But it also led to something else: A Gossip Cop bust!

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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