Kylie Jenner NOT Urging Travis Scott To Take Break From Tour During Pregnancy, Despite Report

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By Michael Lewittes |

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott

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Kylie Jenner is not urging Travis Scott to take a break from his tour during her pregnancy, despite a made-up report. Gossip Cop is told it’s not true. Additionally, we can easily prove the claim is false.

The fabricated assertion was made by HollywoodLife, a site that has become known for concocting phony stories. In its latest tall tale, the outlet contends the rapper has been “working hard” during her pregnancy, and now Jenner wants Scott to “slow down and spend more time with her.” To support its manufactured article, the blog quotes an unnamed and seemingly fake source as saying, “Kylie is urging Travis to take a break” from his touring during her pregnancy because “she misses him a lot.” The same alleged tipster maintains that Jenner has “pleaded with Travis to spend more time at home with her” because she’s “lonely” and “not willing to go on the road with him.”

It should be noted that at the time the repeatedly disproven site cooked up and published its fabricated story, Jenner was actually with Scott in Houston. For example, multiple eyewitnesses spotted the couple picking up food from MOD Pizza on Tuesday. They were also seen driving around the city in a Lamborghini, according to several contemporaneous tweets.

Additionally, Jenner is hardly “urging Travis to take a break” from touring. The rapper only has five more scheduled performances between now and the end of the year. He’s slated for a concert in Philadelphia on Friday, followed by a show in New York on Saturday and then one gig only in November, taking place in the UK. After that, he has just two performances in December, and both are in California, including one that’s at The Forum in Los Angeles and is no more than 40 minutes away from Jenner’s home.

Basically, not only did HollywoodLies, as its known, completely manufacture its bogus article about Jenner pleading with Scott to cut back on concerts and “spend more time with her,” but the site didn’t even bother to check whether they were together or how much time they would be apart over the next few months. Gossip Cop is told by an impeccable Jenner insider, “They just make up [expletive].” Remember, just a week and a half ago we busted the amnesiacs at that often discredited blog for falsely reporting Jenner had been dumped by Scott.

Of course that was a total lie, as were numerous other stories the site has published about the reality star and cosmetics entrepreneur. But don’t just take Gossip Cop’s word. Jenner herself has called out the blog as well. About another phony tale published by that outlet, Jenner tweeted, “This is not true. Don’t let em fool you,” along with a link to a HollywoodLife article that has since been deleted.