Kylie Jenner NOT Sending “Sexy Selfies” To Tristan Thompson, Despite Fake News

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Kylie Jenner Tristan Thompson Selfies

By Andrew Shuster |

Kylie Jenner Tristan Thompson Selfies

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Kylie Jenner isn’t sending “sexy selfies” to Khloe Kardashians’ boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, despite a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this fake news story.

A new RadarOnline article alleges that Jenner is attempting to steal her sister’s NBA player boyfriend because she has a major crush on him. A supposed “source” tells the website that the reality star has “been texting him sexy selfies and flirting non-stop when Khloe’s back is turned.” The outlet’s dubious insider further purports that Jenner’s “got it bad” for the Cleveland Cavaliers star, who she supposedly believes is “way too hot for Khloe.” The site’s questionable source adds, “If he made a move on her she’d totally go there.”

Despite how unrealistic this story sounds, Gossip Cop still checked in with a reliable source close to the situation, who laughed off the webloid’s tall tale. In fact, many tabloids have an ongoing narrative about the Kardashian-Jenner sisters trying to steal each other’s significant others, but these articles are all untrue. Unfortunately, RadarOnline has also repeatedly attempted to spread fake news about Kardashian and her boyfriend, so this latest fabrication comes as no surprise.

Gossip Cop previously busted the unreliable site for wrongly reporting that Kardashian was begging Thompson to propose. The webloid was also among the many outlets that falsely spread rumors about a breakup between Kardashian and Thompson, which the reality star herself debunked. This latest story is simply more fiction from the frequently discredited webloid.

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