Kylie Jenner Planning Wedding With Travis Scott To Top Kim Kardashian, Kanye West’s Nuptials?

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Wedding Top Kim Kardashian Kanye West

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Wedding Top Kim Kardashian Kanye West

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Is Kylie Jenner planning a wedding with Travis Scott that will top Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s lavish nuptials? A new report claims the almost-billionaire wants to outdo her famous sister. Gossip Cop investigated the story, and we can now reveal what we know.

“Rich Kid Kylie Hearing Golden Wedding Bells: Model Vows To Show Up Kim’s $20M Nuptials,” reads the headline for this article from the National Enquirer. The supermarket tabloid claims a “spoiled” Jenner and her “baby daddy” are “making plans to walk down the aisle — in the most over-the-top Kardashian wedding yet.” It’s specifically alleged they “plan to get hitched next spring,” and are “desperate to ‘Keep Up’ with sister Kim and her hubby, Kanye West, who blew $20 million on their wedding bonanza.”

A so-called “insider” says of Jenner, “She wants to top Kim’s wedding… Kylie’s ponying up hundreds of thousands to take over the Casa Aramara in Mexico for a week!” Suspiciously, though, the magazine’s untraceable source then contends, “Eden Rock Hotel in St. Barts is another possibility.” Well, which is it? Punta Mita and the Caribbean are thousands of miles apart.

Even though the location is apparently up in the air, the outlet still claims to know Jenner “plans to hire a personal chef to man a 24/7 champagne, caviar and oyster bar for 100 guests.” It’s further alleged the makeup mogul is “talking to designers about a wedding gown to outdo Meghan Markle’s — complete with a handmade diamond tiara — costing $1 million.” Asserts the purported tipster, “Kylie’s looking at spending at least $25 million. She wants it to be the wedding of the century!”

But “Entertainment Tonight” just reported that while Scott and Jenner are “in it for the long haul” and have discussed marriage, “it’s important to them to take things one step at a time.” That would seemingly rule out already planning a wedding for more than six months from now. And after Jenner and Scott sparked engagement rumors with a visit to a jewelry store earlier this month, E! Online reported “they aren’t set to tie the knot just yet.”

Of course, it’s entirely possible the couple will eventually decide to walk down the aisle. But the premise that Jenner is currently planning a wedding that will top Kardashian’s appears to be unfounded. Furthermore, while the publication maintains the Kardashian-West wedding set them back $20 million, reports on the true amount have varied. E!, for example, deemed it a $2.8 million wedding, not including the week the couple spent in Paris with friends and family before the big day, while the Daily Mail did a breakdown that estimated Kardashian and West “splashed out” $12 million. Significantly, neither figure is that close to $20 million.

Additionally, while Gossip Cop doesn’t doubt she would want a glamorous wedding, in 2016 Jenner insisted she and Kardashian are not competing. “People always put me and Kim in a competition, or [say] I’m trying to be Kim or I’m trying to steal Kim’s throne,” Jenner lamented. She went on, “I think people forget that me and Kim are sisters. We’re not in a competition. We’re completely different people.”

She further called Kardashian an “inspiration.” More recently, a month ago Kardashian celebrated Jenner’s Forbes cover, further underscoring that there’s no real reason to pit them against each other. Apparently the Enquirer can’t resist, even when the facts don’t support it.


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