Kylie Jenner Splits From Travis Scott, Now A Single Mom?

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Kylie Jenner Split Single Mom

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Kylie Jenner Split Single Mom

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Kylie Jenner has split from Travis Scott and is now a single mom, according to a completely wrong tabloid story. Gossip Cop can debunk the report. While they won’t be walking down the aisle any time soon, the new parents are still a couple.

But Heat is announcing in a headline, “Kylie Begins Life As A Single Mum.” The gossip magazine asserts that while Jenner is back in the spotlight following the birth of daughter Stormi, it’s “without her baby daddy” because Scott has “cooled things off between them.” A so-called “source” contends, “He’s not ready to settle down or put his career on the back burner.” This supposed source alleges that “even though he and Kylie are over, he’s told her he’ll try not to be seen out with any other girls.”

“Things are up in the air in terms of visitation, but he’s promised to financially contribute,” the outlet’s alleged tipster continues. “The negotiations haven’t been easy, because Travis was absent throughout quite a lot of the pregnancy.” As for Jenner’s perspective, the purported snitch claims she’s “tried everything to get Travis in line, but nothing worked… Kylie thought he might change his mind after the birth, but he hasn’t and she feels betrayed.” And although Scott appeared in the home video Jenner released to announce Stormi’s arrival, the publication maintains his alleged “absence[s] caused issues between the pair.”

Tellingly, though, the tabloid makes no mention of its January article that claimed Jenner was not only dumped by Scott, but that she was moving to New York to get over him. Just like now, the magazine deemed her a “single mum,” and that was weeks before Stormi’s birth. This new piece says nothing about a cross-country move. That’s probably because Jenner never had any intention of making one and the contention was entirely made-up by the outlet.

The publication was also wrong about Scott dumping Jenner then and is still wrong now about the pair being “over.” Just a few days ago, Scott and Jenner were cozy in a photo he posted on Snapchat. Clearly, while he may not be by her side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, he hasn’t ended their relationship and abandoned the reality star.

On the contrary, while Scott and Jenner aren’t making plans for the future, they are currently happy together with their baby girl and committed to staying a couple for the foreseeable future. Although they may not end up going the distance, this split report is rather premature, just like the previous one.