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Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott headed for a split? That's the premise of a new tabloid story. Gossip Cop, however, can bust the report.

Though Jenner and Scott "look cuddly and in love" on the latest cover of GQ, Star claims that "behind closed doors," the couple is "fighting like [cats] and dogs — and it may only be a matter of time before they're through." It's alleged "the trouble began" in New York City on July 18, when so-called "spies caught the reality star and her rapper beau having an intense discussion in their chauffeured car." Given that most celebrities have tinted windows on their vehicles for privacy, it's unclear how anyone could have seen they were having an "intense discussion" inside the car.

The tabloid then tries to make hay out of Jenner and Scott separately entering a restaurant and "leaving just 45 minutes later." Next, the magazine claims its "onlooker caught Travis storming out" of their hotel about "an hour later." To be clear, the outlet is essentially admitting it had a "spy" follow the stars from their dinner date back to their hotel. This unnamed source's assertion that "it definitely looked like Kylie kicked Travis out" are copied word for word from the publication's sister site, RadarOnline, which was the first to wrongly speculate last week that Jenner and Scott were "over already" following this supposed fight.

In this new article, there is the added contention that "the explosive outburst," for which there is no evidence, came "as no surprise to pals close to the couple." The tabloid maintains the makeup mogul and performer have been "on a downward spiral" since the birth of their daughter in February, and alleges "friends fear" Jenner is "ready to call it quits." An untraceable "insider" asserts, "They haven't been getting along. Kylie's sick of his bad attitude about her fame and schedule." This questionable tipster adds, "Kylie says it's either her way or the highway. And it looks like he's chosen the highway."

Actually, there's plenty of evidence their paths are still intertwined. Jenner and Scott just spent the weekend together in Paris, with the "KUWTK" star joining him for some European concerts. People reported about the getaway, "They are doing really well and seem happy." As noted by E! Online, Jenner documented the trip on Snapchat. Additionally, Scott posted a photo of himself and Jenner cuddling on his own account.

And contrary to the claim that they've been on a "downward spiral" since welcoming Stormi, multiple outlets have reported that Jenner and Scott have been brought closer together thanks to their child. As for the contentions about a dispute in Manhattan, while Star and its sister publications have been pushing that narrative for days, no independent media have corroborated the claims. That's a telltale sign the alleged first didn't actually happen.

This isn't the first time the tabloid has presented a narrative that doesn't seem to jive with reality. Back in March, the magazine insisted Jenner was upset Scott was supposedly out of partying instead of co-parenting. Just like now, there was proof showing otherwise. Gossip Cop has said throughout the couple's relationship that the pair may not go the distance, but more than a year in, it's clear they currently remain united.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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