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Is Kylie Jenner waiting to have a second baby, or does she want to conceive on Father's Day? These are the two conflicting claims put out by the same website just days apart. Gossip Cop can explain how this proves both stories are made-up.

On Wednesday, HollywoodLife announced in a headline, "Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott Fighting Over More Kids — Why They Can't Agree On Timing." The site alleged that "while Travis wants another little one asap, Kylie feels she needs more time to recuperate from being pregnant and giving birth." The blog went on to contend, "On top of Kylie wanting to give her body a break, the makeup mogul is also hesitating about having baby number two so fast because she feels the responsibilities will be put on her." The claims were all based on an unnamed, untraceable "source close to Kylie."

Then late Friday, the outlet published a new article in which it quoted an equally anonymous "insider," who maintained, "This Father's Day, Kylie is going to spend extra time with him in the bedroom, hoping to give Stormi baby brother asap." This purported tipster further alleged, "Kylie thinks the ultimate gift for this Father's Day would be to tell Travis he is going to be a father again, or at least have fun with him trying to make another baby."

How did Jenner go from not wanting a second kid yet to hoping she conceives on Father's Day? Why on June 13 was Scott the one who wants another child "asap," but on June 15 it was Kylie? Was the "source" right, or is the "insider" accurate? None of this is explained. But it's all very telling. If HollywoodLies, as the website is nicknamed, really had inside knowledge on Jenner's preferences when it comes to a second child, its stories would be consistent, not contradictory.

In fact, these latest pieces even conflict with a March report in which the site insisted Jenner would not have another baby with Scott "unless he proposes." Curiously, only the first of new stories mentions that being a requirement for having another child. In the Father's Day tale about making a baby this weekend, it isn't mentioned at all. Also not acknowledged is the purported "pregnancy scare" Jenner supposedly had just last month, where she was allegedly "totally upset over the idea of being pregnant again so quickly." That also goes against the new narrative about wanting to conceive "asap."

Whatever the reality star's plans are, it's obvious that the blog doesn't really know and is just making-up its "exclusives" as it goes along. A little over two months ago, Us Weekly reported that Scott loves Jenner's post-baby body, but "it wouldn't surprise anyone if Kylie gave Stormi another sibling very soon." Still, she has actually yet to publicly say if she wants more kids and when that could happen. It should also be noted that Jenner herself has called out HollywoodLies on Twitter, posting, "Don't let em fool you." These latest contradictory stories are just more evidence the outlet can't be trusted.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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