Kylie Jenner Upset Travis Scott Is Partying Instead Of Co-Parenting?

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Partying Parenting

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Partying Parenting

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Kylie Jenner is upset with Travis Scott for partying instead of co-parenting their daughter Stormi, according to a report. But this story is largely inaccurate. Gossip Cop can bust some of the wrong claims.

The article in question comes from Star and is headlined, “Kylie Storming Mad At Travis.” The tabloid begins by noting Scott recently gave his first comments about Stormi, calling her “beautiful” when asked about the newborn by paparazzi. The gossip magazine, however, stresses that the rapper’s remark was made outside of a Los Angeles night club. According to the outlet, “it’s not the first time” Scott has “chosen partying over Pampers… and it may not be the last.”

“Kylie doesn’t want to trap Travis, but she does need his support. She can’t rely on mom Kris every day,” a so-called “Kardashian source” is quoted as saying. The publication goes on to point out, “The new dad doesn’t live with Kylie and is in no rush to marry the reality star,” either. Contends the alleged tipster, “Kylie really hoped that Travis would be there for her during the late nights and early mornings. But he’s either out partying or in bed recovering. She’s basically a single mom.”

But this is a very sensational portrayal of what’s actually going on. It was indeed reported last month that Scott and Jenner are not officially living together. But it is not just the performer who isn’t yet ready for marriage. The first-time mom, it’s been reliably reported, isn’t eager to rush down the aisle herself. It is true that the “KUWTK” star can’t solely rely on her mother for assistance, which is why Jenner also has the help of nannies and assistants, as reported by People days ago.

The credible magazine shared in the same article, “Kylie and Travis are going strong and he’s been as helpful as possible.” And, as it turns out, the music star isn’t just helping his girlfriend when it comes to caring for their baby. On Friday, Scott took to Snapchat to show he was assisting Jenner test out new makeup for her cosmetics line. He jokingly wrote in his photo caption, “New part time job.”

Scott may not be by her side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but he’s clearly spending time with her and their child and she is in no way a single mom. In fact, no reputable publication has reported that Jenner has any concerns about his commitment to parenting. It seems the tabloid just wanted to build a scandalous story around Scott’s recent appearance at a night club. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time the outlet twisted the truth. Last October, Star outrageously claimed the Kardashian-Jenners coordinated their pregnancies for a $25 million payday. There were plenty of holes in that report, just as there are in this one.