Kylie Jenner “Cool” With Travis Scott Taking “Parenting Breaks” Is Made-Up Story

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Parenting Breaks

By Shari Weiss |

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Parenting Breaks

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A story about Kylie Jenner being “cool” with Travis Scott taking “parenting breaks” was made-up. Gossip Cop can bust it. Read on to find out how it’s clear the piece was fabricated.

As usual, HollywoodLife has taken a topic from the celebrity news world and manufactured a phony related article. Earlier this week, Scott and Drake played the video game Fortnite and streamed their leisurely fun on Twitch. Thousands of people tuned in to watch, setting a viewing record. Naturally, the site saw the opportunity to try to capitalize on the interest surrounding the activity by pretending to know Jenner’s reaction to Scott playing video games when they have an infant to take care of.

Raising their daughter Stormi is deemed to be a “full-time job,” but the website maintains Jenner is “totally willing to let Travis take regular breaks.” A so-called “source close to Travis” is quoted as saying, “Kylie doesn’t mind Travis’ affinity for gaming as long as he continues to fulfill his duties as a dad.” This supposed snitch goes on to compare Scott’s interest in “music and gaming” to Jenner’s love of “social media and beauty products,” and contends she “rather” he be playing video games than “out with his boys.”

The blog declares, “Kylie really doesn’t have anything to worry about.” That’s funny, since this same outlet insisted throughout Jenner’s pregnancy that there were concerns whether Scott would be a suitable father. In fact, it was less than two months ago that the online publication claimed Jenner actually had regrets that she got pregnant with Scott’s baby and not ex-boyfriend Tyga’s. The site’s narratives aren’t consistent because they are seemingly concocted out of thin air.

In this case, though, it’s clear the impetus was all the attention Scott’s gaming session with Drake received. Wanting to exploit that for its own gain, HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, put together this bogus story. It just didn’t do it very well. The premise is that Jenner is okay with Scott taking “parenting breaks,” as if such a notion is a revelatory scoop. But earlier this month, Jenner and Scott went to Miami without Stormi. Clearly she was fine leaving their baby at home and traveling across the country.

And a week ago, Jenner stepped out for Tristan Thompson’s birthday party. She’s obviously taking “parenting breaks” of her own, so it was already pretty much a given that she’s fine with Scott having baby-free time, too, particularly since they took a trip together sans Stormi. So basically, HollywoodLies has merely told fans what they already know, but has packaged it as if this is a newsworthy “exclusive.” It’s not. And, by the way, the Celebrity Insider version of this same story is just as made-up.

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