Kylie Jenner “Turned Down” Travis Scott Marriage Proposal Is Made-Up Story

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Marriage Proposal

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Marriage Proposal

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A story claiming Kylie Jenner “turned down” a marriage proposal from Travis Scott is made-up. In addition, it’s also inaccurate and contradictory. Gossip Cop can bust the bogus report.

In a purported “exclusive” on Tuesday, HollywoodLife claimed Jenner was “dreaming of a romantic wedding” with Scott and had “marriage on her mind.” A so-called “source close to the Kardashians” was quoted as saying, “Kylie would love to be a young bride and marry Travis… [She] dreams that he will propose and they will make everything official with a fairytale wedding.” Then on Wednesday, the site speculated the couple was engaged, and opined, “We wouldn’t be surprised if Travis and Kylie got hitched.”

But on Thursday, the blog offered a new “exclusive” that went against its previous two posts. “Kylie Jenner is not ready to get married,” begins this new article, in which the website claims to have “EXCLUSIVE details on why she wants to take things slow” with Scott. Of course, that’s not what HollywoodLies, as it’s nicknamed, asserted two days prior. In this contradictory piece, a so-called “source close to Kylie” claims the rapper “spontaneously asked her to marry him” while Scott and Jenner were in Miami recently, “but she turned him down, for now.”

After the outlet’s last “source” previously insisted Jenner “dreams that he will propose” and wanted to be a “young bride,” the online publication’s “source” here maintains the reality star is currently happy “how things are,” and is “trying to slow it all down.” Why would the information from these two alleged “sources” be in such conflict? Well, the disparity appears to back up what Gossip Cop has repeatedly been told by our impeccable contacts and shared with readers: HollywoodLies does not have real inside knowledge when it comes to Jenner, and its purported insiders are not legitimate.

If the site was really in-the-know and had access to her world, it tales would be consistent and accurate. Notably, no reputable publication has reported anything about Jenner turning down a proposal from Scott. It also doesn’t make sense to claim the performer would pop the question in the first place, given what credible outlets have already shared. For example, in January People noted that Jenner and Scott have no plans to get engaged, and in February added that Jenner and Scott weren’t “making any huge plans for the future.”

It’s implausible, then, to suggest Scott would suddenly think Jenner was ready to the tie knot and propose to her. Furthermore, Gossip Cop is told by one of our aforementioned contacts, who commented on the condition of anonymity, that the rejected proposal “never happened,” and the inconsistent narratives HollywoodLies has been pushing are made-up. Check out the tell-tale headlines below.