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A new story about how Kylie Jenner loves being on Travis Scott's Astroworld tour more than when she was on the road with Tyga is made-up. And it's coming from the same site that just fabricated an entire narrative about the makeup mogul being "devastated" her dad Caitlyn Jenner's house completely "burned down" when, in fact, the former Olympian's home is still standing. Among the many issues with this latest manufactured report is that contradicts several previous articles from the same outlet.

Not only does HollywoodLife tell so many fibs that it's routinely referred to as HollywoodLies, but Jenner herself has also called out the blog on Twitter for making up tall tales. The premise of the new story is basically to set up a comparison between Jenner's relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Tyga, to the one she has now with Scott, the father of her daughter Stormi. To try to lend credence to its article, the website quotes what it untruthfully claims is a "source close to" Jenner.

Naturally, the outlet doesn't mention the source's name, so it can't be fact-checked. While a skeptic might think the site just concocts its sources, it often doesn't actually matter because HollywoodLies' claims are frequently wrong anyway. For its current tall tale, the habitually discredited blog has its conveniently unnamed and untraceable "source" quoted as saying that among the ways touring with Scott is "so different" from when she was with Tyga is that her baby daddy makes her feel "essential to his life," while he ex made her "insecure."

Interestingly, two days before she gave birth to their daughter on February, HollywoodLies published a doozy about how Kylie was regretting having a baby with Scott rather than with Tyga. The clueless outlet quoted yet another "source close to" Jenner then maintaining, "She misses her ex Tyga," adding that she felt she "made the wrong decision by deciding to have a baby with someone who is no longer present" in her life, namely Scott. Of course, Scott was by her side a couple of days later when she gave birth to Stormi.

Another classic HollywoodLies story that pit her ex against her present boyfriend contended Jenner was thinking about getting back together with Tyga. That lunacy was published just 13 days before she and Scott became parents. Not surprisingly, that work of fiction was also predicated on an anonymous Jenner "insider," who asserted that while "having Travis' baby makes reconciling with Tyga difficult right now," she's "keeping the door open for a possible happy ending with her first true love."

One more article that didn't age well, featuring Tyga and Scott, was posted around three months before Stormi was born. Last November, the site published a bogus report about how Jenner likes the time apart from Scott while he's touring, which is essentially the opposite of its latest tale that alleges she's loves being on the road with him. That piece stated, "Kylie Jenner doesn't get to see too much of BF Travis Scott with him away on tour and she's just fine with that."

Meanwhile, the new report maintains Jenner was "constantly having to compete for [Tyga's] attention" because of the "groupies hanging around." But a year ago its "source" griped about how "Tyga would not leave Kylie's side." Simply, HollywoodLife just makes up so many lies it can't keep track of them.

As mentioned above, the website was blatantly caught lying just a few days ago, right after TMZ wrongly reported Caitlyn' house "went up in flames." Working off that misinformation, HollywoodLies quickly fabricated a fake story about how Jenner was "devastated" Caitlyn's house "burned down," and even filled the article with phony quotations from a "source close to Kylie" about how she was "heartbroken" and "feels horrible about [Caitlyn] losing her home to the fire."

To recap: The blog seems to enjoy concocting narratives that pit Scott against Tyga in relation to Jenner. It also has a well-documented history of making up quotes and falsely attributing them to a "source close" to the cosmetics entrepreneur. Often, however, its claims fall apart over the course of time, sometimes even within hours. Gossip Cop, however, is here to hold accountable websites that try to dupe readers with fictitious premises.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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