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When the tabloids aren't claiming Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are breaking up, they're often claiming the stars are getting married. After taking a look back at busts about nonexistent splits two weeks ago, now we're examining debunkings about the couple walking down the aisle. Check out five wrong rumors below.

The first report about Jenner and Scott being married came in June of 2017, roughly two months after they began dating. Life & Style published a cover story claiming they had a secret ceremony at Jenner's home, with only a few friends and sister Kendall in attendance. But though the nuptials were supposedly held without most of her family knowing, the magazine maintained the wedding was filmed with iPhone cameras and would be featured on "Life of Kylie." Tellingly, the outlet didn't say anything about Jenner already being married to Tyga, which is what it claimed just a few months prior. Of course, the truth was that the reality star didn't tie the knot with either beau. In fact, last month Gossip Cop observed that a full year had passed since the publication falsely announced Jenner and Scott were married, and they've still yet to wed.

For the rest of 2017, the gossip media generally focused on Jenner's pregnancy and making up stories related to that. But after the New Year, OK! Australia claimed she and Scott were engaged after she flashed a diamond ring in Christmas photos. "Kylie wants an amazing wedding and wants to be married as soon as she loses all of her baby weight," a so-called "source" was quoted as saying. Suspiciously, though, the allegations were rather general and things virtually anyone would assume, such as asserting Jenner hoped to "have the family life that is a success." Well, who would want a family life that is a failure? The tabloid didn't have any insightful details because there was nothing legitimate about its story, as Gossip Cop explained at the time. And just a few weeks later, in late January, People confirmed that Jenner and Scott were not engaged.

In March, HollywoodLife wanted readers to believe Jenner turned down Scott's marriage proposal after previously claiming she was eager to get married. Here's what happened over the course of a three-day time span: On a Wednesday, the site insisted Jenner was "dreaming of a romantic wedding" with Scott and had "marriage on her mind," with the goal of being a "young bride." On Thursday, the blog speculated the couple was engaged, and even editorialized, "We wouldn't be surprised if Travis and Kylie got hitched." But then on Thursday, the online publication did a complete flip-flop and contradicted its prior two stories from the two days before. This third piece declared Jenner was "not ready to get married," and alleged she had rejected a proposal. As Gossip Cop pointed out, these inconsistences proved the all of the stories were entirely bogus and not remotely credible. We were also assured by one of our contacts on background that the purported proposal "never happened."

That same month, RadarOnline peddled an article contending Jenner and Scott were planning to elope in a "top-secret wedding." The website offered no specifics about the desired nuptials, but nonetheless asserted she intended to "make things official as soon as possible." Of course, no date was given, though. And Gossip Cop noted that contrary to these claims, it had already been reported that Jenner was not making "any huge plans for the future," and was not in a "rush" to marry Scott. And by May, the outlet abandoned its elopement narrative to allege, albeit wrongly, that Jenner and Scott were about to split.

Most recently, in June, HollywoodLife offered yet another contradictory report. Approximately three months after maintaining Jenner was "not ready to get married," the site now claimed she was "inspired" by Ariana Grande's quick engagement to Pete Davidson and was "pressuring" Scott to "pop the question." A clearly fictional "source" cited in the story alleged, "Kylie doesn't understand what Travis is waiting for." Yet the blog made no mention of its earlier article that said Jenner had "turned down" a proposal from him. Once again, the publication made it abundantly clear its "exclusives" were entirely phony. And this latest report was just as off-base as the ones that came before it. E! Online, which often serves as a mouthpiece of sorts for the Kardashian-Jenners, had already shared that while Jenner and Scott were "stronger than ever" lately, they still weren't "at the trading vows and pledging forever stage."

It was stressed the parents remained "in no rush to get married or even engaged." As long as they don't take those next steps, the tabloids will likely keep switching back and forth between marriage and breakup storylines. And if and when they do walk down the aisle, the split stories will morph into divorce ones. Whatever happens, Gossip Cop will keep letting readers know what's real and what's nothing but a wrong rumor.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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