HollywoodLife’s Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott Christmas Story Is Made-Up

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Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Christmas

By Michael Lewittes |

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott Christmas

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HollywoodLife, a site so well-known for making up stories that it’s often called “HollywoodLies,” now has a new report that claims it has exclusively learned that Kylie Jenner wants to spend Christmas with Travis Scott. Let’s get this straight: Jenner, who’s pregnant with Scott’s baby, actually wants to spend Christmas with him? What an earth-shaking exclusive… and totally fabricated article.

The site maintains it has a “source close to the couple” yet it does not know where the two will celebrate Christmas. “Will they travel to his native, Houston, or have a Kardashian Christmas?” Well, if the repeatedly discredited outlet actually had a “source,” it would know exactly where they plan to be for the holiday.

So, how does the blog get around this? It has an unnamed and almost assuredly fictitious “source” quoted as saying in what’s mostly English, “They’re having a little friction over right now is where to spend Christmas day [sic].” That way, if they spend it in Los Angeles with the Kardashians and Jenners, HollywoodLies can say she got her way. And if they end up in his native Houston, the outlet will spin it as Jenner acquiescing to Scott’s wishes or some other cockamamie tale about her wanting to get to know his family better.

Further proof that the entire story is fabricated is that the outlet contends Jenner wants to celebrate Christmas with her family in California and doesn’t want to fly “as she reportedly approaches her due date, which is allegedly in early 2018.” Again, a real source would know pretty much when she’s due. The reality is HollywoodLies knows very little about the reality star, and up until recently only referred to her pregnancy with qualifiers, including “allegedly” and “reportedly,” because it wasn’t sure Jenner was really pregnant. Only after People noted Jenner and Scott were “excited” about the baby did HollywoodLies stop questioning the baby’s existence.

Again, contending a pregnant woman wants to spend Christmas with the father of her unborn first child is like writing a story that claims “exclusively” in the headline, “Hollywood’s Top Celebrities Think Puppies Are Cute.” It’s fairly obvious. What’s also fairly obvious is that HollywoodLies has little to no insight into Jenner’s relationship with the rapper. Just a few weeks ago, we exposed the site when it falsely maintained Jenner got “dumped” by Scott. Regardless, once more Gossip Cop is assured by a tight-lipped family insider that no one in Jenner’s world is blabbing to websites and especially to HollywoodLife.

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